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Tech Start-ups are special. The Founder is usually eager to tell everyone about what he’s up to and how his start-up can solve the problem no one else has even thought to tackle.

One such Start-up, and one such Founder is Joe Stump of

I came across Joe when I stumbled across a Growth Hacking class he’s about to teach for The Next Web. The class looks really interesting and I plan on being there.

He offered to give me a live demo of, not because I’m the Founder of Triberr -I suspect Joe had no idea what Triberr is- but because Joe wants everyone to use his product. is built for Project Management but with a special twist. It’s meant to give manager types an insights into what developers are doing.

I didn’t think we’d need to use for Triberr development since we already have a project management tool, but after Joe showed me what can do, I’m not so sure any more.

I offerend to capture this live demo and share it with others who want to learn more about in hopes that it might save Joe little bit of time in the future, tho I think he prefers the high-touch approach.

What is all about? Check out this video to learn more about a lot. Here goes Joe.

Link to video.

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