Why Instagram is the Bread and Butter of Social Media

Instagram officially became a part of Facebook last week and broke the 100 million mark this week.

Remember when Facebook acquired Instagram? Or when Instagram opened up the platform to the ghetto and poor Android users? Oh, how times have changed.

Good times were had by all. Especially Android users with their bottles of thunderbird. But I digress.

Let’s move onto the important things in life, like bread, butter, your mom, and social media.

One of the biggest reasons why Facebook bought Instagram is big data, and why a handful (just a handful) of Instagram users left and failed to welcome their new overlord:

Big data is one of the main reasons many Instagram users are saying buh-bye. Data has characterized the Information Age since the beginning. But never more so than today. After all, “if you’re not paying for it, you’re the product.” From location to time of day, Facebook  can now access detailed information that was previously unavailable on Instagram.

In other words, Facebook now has access to data about your data. Which means that they know everything about each photo you take on your iPhone or Android. Yes, even those photos you haven’t uploaded to Instagram.

Where is the outrage?  Are we all this apathetic about our privacy? Or do we simply not know how much info we’re sharing?

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