Why any business can afford a business blog

There are three main reasons why businesses do not have a blog. I am sure there are few more but the top reasons will always include money, time and a financial return on the effort.

There is the belief that a blog added to an existing site will cost more. It takes too much time to keep updated and it’s difficult to measure the financial return. So why bother?

Lets take each argument in turn…

Adding a blog to an existing site will cost you money!

My favorite and the worlds favorite is WordPress. It is a free download, yes free. To install it, choose a suitable directory on your existing site and copy the software to it.

All you need is a few details about the Database but even then, it will most likely work with out any changes to the default settings. If it doesn’t then a quick call to your web host should do the trick. I have made this sound rather trivial but then, it is really.

I don’t have the time

For me, having the time to blog is tied closely to why you need to blog. Are you using it to communicate with clients and customers? Is it for PR work? Depending on it’s use you can blog daily, weekly or even monthly. However, ensure that each blog post has a purpose.

For instance, an estate agent can write about a new property in much more detail than they could on there main site. That might equate to posting weekly. Are you selling products and getting new items in each month? That would equate to monthly blog posts.

Treat blogging as a business activity and set time aside. In one hour you could write a blog post for a week or for a the month. That one hour could make the difference between business as usual or more sales then you would normally get.

In fact, blogging could save you time, write a few FAQ pages to answer common questions.

How can I measure the return?

First, stop thinking of it as a major project. Is it really comparable to major leaflet distribution or arranging advertising? So if you consider it as an addon to your existing marketing efforts then any return is going to be good. How do we measure it?

There is the technical side with Google Analytic’s. To complicated for the beginner so take a look at general sales. Has it gone up? Is there an increase in enquires? Best of all, with each sale or enquiry, ask if they saw the blog. If they did, great it must be working. If not, then tell them where to find it.

Remember, blogging may not generate sales in itself, what it can do is create a feeling of trust between you, your company and the prospective customer. If you were to try and do the same with traditional marketing then blogging is ultimately the cheapest method.

However, despite what you read about how ‘this software’ and ‘that technique’ will get you an instant return, in reality you have to wait. Be patient, blogging will pay off but only in the long term.

Dino Dogan

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