Who Are You on Facebook? @zeeblysocialme Has the Answer!


My brother from another mother, Justice Mitchell, posted on his Facebook timeline something about him being a freak.

Here’s that post, captured for all eternity (or until the interwebs go away, whichever comes first).

justice mitchell

It was a link to an interesting little app called Social Me, which analyzes your Facebook activity and spits out a really fun, interesting, and useful breakdown of it.

Before I make a few suggestions to the very talented boys at Zeebly who made the app, take a look at what kind of output you can expect from their app.

Click to embiggen.

Find Out Who You Are on Facebook

Very cool output indeed.

How Can Zeebly Make SocialMe Even Better

There are few updates I would add to Social Me, pronto.

Social Me gives you ample opportunity to share it on Facebook. Which is exactly what Justice did. However…

Justice’s post on Facebook took me to Social Me site. It would be much better if it took me to Justice’s page, so that I can see what is so freaky about him. As if I don’t already know. 🙂

The other feature I would build into Social Me would be the ability to export my output and turn it into an Infographic.

It’s exactly what I did with the output, however, the process involved a lot of screengrabs, copy/paste work, and manual labour I’d really like to avoid.

Social Me Others

What would be really, really awesome, is if we could pull info from our fan pages, and also from other people’s fan pages, as well as from other people.

Now THAT would be cool.

I’m perfectly aware of the technical (and human) difficulties involved in doing this, but I think closer they get to it, more useful the tool will become.

Competitive Edge

I am sure the boys at Zeebly have already thought of turning the output into an Infographic. However, there are 2 ways of implementing this, and one of those ways is wrong.

The selfish way to implement infograph export would be to provide the embed code which grabs the Infographic from Zeebly’s website.

This gives search juice to Zeebly, and it’s what every other company would do looking out for their own best interest.

The other option is to provide users with a .png image file so that we can take the graphic with us and post it to our blog as an image (like I did above). At which point, I may or may not provide the option to embed it as an Infographic.

I think that keeping their user’s best interests in mind before their own would give Zeebly a competitive edge. And I hope they take it.

Of course, a hybrid approach would work just fine as well.

Zeebly Example

You probably don’t want to embed an Infographic that’s all about Dino on your blog, unless of course you’re writing a post about Zeebly and would like to show how it could be used.

If you’re also little bit lazy and would prefer to avoid the hard labour involved in creating an Infographic from Zeebly’s output, then feel free to grab the embed code below.


I have no idea how Zeebly plans to monetize their platform. But if I know startups like I think I know startups, the Zeebly boys might be interested in hearing few ideas.

Take it away.

Embed This Image On Your Site (copy code below):

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  • http://www.wonderoftech.com Carolyn Nicander Mohr

    Zeebly is indeed very cool, but your suggestions would definitely make it cooler. Great job on the infographic. Which Facebook fact about yourself was most surprising? I was surprised that you used concrete words so rarely. You seem more decisive than Zeebly’s findings would indicate.