What You Don’t Know About Google Plus Can Hurt You

Last Monday, I exentended an open invitation to connect with me on Google Plus because I had a feeling I was missing a few of “mah peeps” over there. This resulted in a higher number of notifications this week, telling me that so-and-so circled me. While this was very nice :) , as a result, I’ve seen frequent, gaping holes in many people’s Google Plus profiles.

Right now, I am going to chide a great deal of people who circled me this week (and in many weeks past). I would be remiss if I did not point these holes out, because I want to help you all build and grow your online presence in a healthy manner!

Google Plus is an important network that you probably should be at least exploring, if not actively using. Out of all the people who circled me within the last week, I’d say less than a third of their profiles were even adequately finished. This is unacceptable.

You MUST Fill Out Your Google Plus Profile!

If you are using your Google Plus profile to surf, +1, share, or comment, if you are a personal brand or public figure, if you are musician or blogger, you must fill out your profile completely!

Privacy is not an issue here. If you have the account and have used it, you have already made your impression on Google. The rest is for the people that you interact with. If you circled me this week, you are interacting with me!

Google Plus is like twitter; anyone can find you and interact with you. Also just like twitter, if you do not have a picture and your little bio area filled out, people will assume you are a spammer or a dead account. If I don’t know who you are, how can I care about you, make a connection with you, or even simply feel comfortable that you are following me!

Let’s walk through the pieces of what you need one at a time.

1. Profile Picture

of your face. Smiling. This alone is worth 40% of your grade. This goes for every social network you are on.

C’mon guys! This is a no-brainer here.

2. Cover Photo

It seems to me hardly anybody knows this part exists because so many people leave it with the default bubble image. It’s the long skinny part behind your profile picture.

It’s a way to decorate your space and make it your own. Without adding your own picture, it makes it look like an unkempt hedge… like you don’t really care.

Fill in Your Cover Photo, don't just leave it Blank

You have the choice whether you want to use one big photo or several smaller ones. It doesn’t matter which, as long as you put something of you there.

Choose whether you want one big photo, or several smaller ones.

3. About

Fill in your “about” information, and go ahead and fill it in with plenty of detail. Don’t be afraid to be verbose about who you are. This is Google’s record of you, so claim your space, your name, and your branding. Let people know who you are! This is another 40% of your grade.

(The two most important things a stranger needs to know about you in order to make a decision to pursue a connection: Your picture, and a little bit of information about you. The more relevant information you let people see, the more trustworthy and interesting you become.)

Make sure you set your “About” page to public. It somewhat defeats the purpose of networking to have it hidden. ;)

Fill out the About section and make sure it is set to Public

4. Your Occupation

This one is a little optional, however, like I said above, the more relevant information you provide, the more trustworthy and interesting you become. This is an important one for personal brands or business people because it helps you within the Google+ search engine if someone were to search for your occupation or specialty.

Fill out your Occupation and rank for those keywords in the network's search

5. Your Links

Fill out where you blog, your other social sites, and/or your website. Even if people don’t click on them, it makes you look like a real person who actually does things on the internet. There are also some very good SEO reasons for filling out this information, but that is content for another post, another time. Suffice it to say, it would be wise to fill out everything you can.

Fill out this area for added exposure and SEO benefits

This doesn’t take that long to do and it will help people have a much easier time connecting with you.

Let’s start again my friends. This time, with your best foot forward, hand extended, and a smile on your face. I am eager to meet you.

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