What Makes People Buy: Benefit of the Benefit

People don’t want shovels. They want to plant a tree.

People don’t want shovels. They want to plant a tree.

So don’t sell them shovels. Sell them an idea that the tree planted will make their yard look more beautiful.

Sell them an idea that the tree can grow with the family, blossom in springtime, be used to hang a swing set for kids to use, provide shade on a hot summer’s day.

By the way, this year’s model has a comfortable rubber grip. That’s $49.97 sir. Cash or charge?

Microwave is a big, ugly and cumbersome piece of hardware.

Not to mention it’s named “microwave”.

That’s a terrible name for a consumer product. Might as well call it Radiation Chamber.

People don’t want a Microwave. They want the speed and convenience.

As an aside. An entire industry of microwavable products has sprung from the fact that there is this Radiation Chamber that’s able to “cook” your food in minutes. Hungry. Jack?

So I have two questions for you

What is the benefit of the benefit of your product or service?

Maybe you don’t see it. Feel free to tell us about your product in the comments section and someone else can offer some ideas. A kind of virtual brainstorming session.

Second question.

What product is making its inroads into the market right now that can be used as a carrier for your product? The way Microwave is a carrier for microwavable food.

These examples are taken from Cashvertising (Amazon Affiliate Link) by Drew Eric Whitman. I strongly recommend Cashvertising to anyone who doesn’t have a lot of time but is interested in understanding how advertising is used to turn public into cash-dispensing drones.

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I recommend these books for further research.

(Amazon Affiliate Links)
  • Cashvertising by Drew Eric Whitman is quick, easy, jam packed with great info
  • The Culture Code by Clotaire Rapaille is in depth, well researched, head and shoulders above the other books in the similar vain.
  • Buyology by Martin Lindstrom Like the story of Goldilocks, this one is neither too quick nor too in depth but it’s just right for anyone who wants to have a really practical understanding of what motivates buyers. It rounds out the set nicely.

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  • http://twitter.com/jaennutter Julie Nutter

    Sell ideas, not products… The idea of a tree and the idea of quick, convenient (and we’ll skip as to why you shouldn’t eat anything out of it…) food!
    I like it. We often sell the idea of fun (competition) and confidence building (also competition, but also many classes specifically designed for it).
    We also sell the idea of titles in ACK, UKC, etc, but after we’ve reeled them in…. we sell them on the fun and bonding, and not so much on the title. (What? We have a three year old total BASKET CASE with an agility title… You’ll get there. Have some fun with it!! Who cares about a silly title when you’re testing your mettle and ability to work together? That’s what matters, after all. ;] )
    Anyway, love the blog. I’m always trying to think of new ways to sell class…which is really thinking of a new way to sell more time for me to help keep the dog in the home. So, it’s really cool that you’ve got my brain all thinking again. Ugh. And after I just woke up?! Diiiiinoooooooooooooooooo. -__________-;;
    (Just kidding!)

    • http://diyblogger.com/ Dino Dogan

      Exactly right. Dog-classes example is perfect, I might have to use it in the future 🙂