Comment Systems Face Off! LiveFyre Vs DisqUs

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I never cared for WordPress’ native comment system.

Some people are able to customize it, tweak it, make it look good, but even then it fails on one important point.

In order for people to comment using WordPress comment system they have to have a WordPress account.

Sure, bloggers have these, but non-bloggers don’t. And they don’t want to create one, either. So it comes down that old chestnut. Who is your audience? Bloggers or people?

Some might say bloggers are people too. I’m not too sure :-p

What comment system is best then?


I’ve used DisqUs from the get-go here on DIYB. I love it.

I think it has a lot of strong points which are missing from the native WordPress comment system.

  • Ability to authenticate using Twitter, Facebook, etc.
  • Ability to post from within the comment to Twitter or Facebook.
  • DisqUs has “Reactions”. Which are tweets that look like little comment snippets with people’s face on them. I like this for 2 reasons. One, people LOVE people’s faces. And two, those little tweet-snippets look like comments, which makes the blog look more “alive”.

And finally, the look and feel of DisqUs integrates nicely into your existing blog theme.

You end up having a really nice looking comment system with basically zero effort. My kinda system.


I love the guys from LiveFyre.

Their system has a very cool feature that enables live conversations. Which means that you get a little note letting you know someone else has commented on the page. This happens without needing to manually refresh the page. Nice.

They also enable visitors to authenticate using Twitter, Facebook, etc.

LiveFyre is able to send comments to Twitter and Facebook, but the formatting is little different from DisqUs.

DisqUs shows your comment + @mention for the person in the comment.  LiveFyre has a generic “I left a comment on so and so’s post”.  

I’m using LiveFyre at the moment not because I like it better but because the barely perceptible difference between DisqUs and LiveFyre doesn’t warrant me switching back to DisqUs.

Plus I hope LiveFyre guys will add new cool features that will floor me.

LiveFyre also claims that they have the only system that is searchable and indexable by google. I thought all systems were, but I guess I was wrong about that.    

Facebook Comment System 

I really love the idea of Facebook Comment System plugin.

When people on your blog leave a comment it’s “fed” to their Facebook wall. Or if you publish your post to Facebook, people on Facebook leaving a comment will be visible to your blog audience.

The AC/DC nature of the Facebook Comment plugin is really, really cool.

Having said that, it’s missing multiple authentication options. Tho, since it’s Facebook one could argue those aren’t even necessary.

It can’t tweet the comments, and it looks very Facebook branded. Both points are a minus in my mind.

Comment System X 

What would the perfect comment system look like?

I’ve been thinking about this a lot lately and I figured I’d share few thoughts on this, in hopes that you will share your thoughts on the topic as well.

The perfect Comment System would have the following:

  • Multiple authentication options a la DisqUs and LiveFyre
  • Ability to send comment to Twitter and Facebook the way DisqUs does it.
  • Ability to integrate “Reactions” the way DisqUs does.
  • Ability to accept comments from Facebook AND send to Facebook as well, the way Facebook comment system allows us to do
  • It must be searchable and indexable the way LiveFyre is.
  • Ability to display trackbacks.
  • Ability to choose whether commenters will get dofollow or nofollow, the way WordPress comment system is able to do.
  • Ability to integrate with YouTube so that when you post a video and embed it on your site, the comments from YouTube are fed to your blog and vice versa. Genki plugin does this, but it would be nice to see in a comment system.
  • Reddit or Delicious type site integrated with the comment system that sorts posts based on category and ranks them based on activity. The idea being is for the makers of the comment system to develop a thriving community of commenters.
  • Ability to connect comments from two blog posts on two different blogs.

Why have a comment system that can span multiple blogs?

Imagine you do a video interview with someone and both of you embed the video on your respective blogs. Visitors will be commenting on the same content, why not cross-feed comments to both blog posts?  Or if you decide to do a same topic with bunch of people and 10 of you publish a post with the same title covering the same topic from different perspectives. It would be nice to be able to connect all 10 blog posts and enable conversations across many posts.

I think the next best comment system will have to be collaborative beyond the blog on which it’s installed.

I know some of my suggestions are hard to implement but other should be fairly easy.

I would love to hear from you.

  • What features you’re missing in your current comment system?  
  • If you had your druthers, what would the perfect comment system look like?

Dino Dogan

Global Force for Badassery | Founder of Triberr | Refugee from Bosnia | Writer for Technorati | Speaker | Lousy Martial Artist | Pretty good singer/songwriter | Hi 🙂

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  • osakasaul

    Wpuld be great – if LyveFyre worked on WIN7/Firefox. When I tell them it doesn’t, they demand too many details, screenshots…

  • thompsonland

    I used Disqus for a long time on my blog and liked it. Livefyre wasn’t really popular yet. I was using a free host for my WordPress account that wouldn’t notify me or anyone else when anyone else commented, even if they selected that feature. This was a hosting issue, but Disqus allowed that to happen. Also, I had used Tumblr before migrating to WordPress, and Tumblr works almost natively with Disqus. I have a livefyre account but haven’t really utilized the features yet.

  • keithbloemendaal

    The only time I see a comment system being an advantage is if you target online marketers or tech crowd that understand how these things work, otherwise I think the native comment system is best, less confusion for everyday people….

  • dixonge

    From my perspective, while I really like all the ideas in this thread, the one factor that keeps comment systems from being the most user-friendly is the whole concept of signing in. My currently-most-active blog is a travel blog for friends and family, and getting them to participate at all is like pulling teeth. They are very passive. Even the built-in WP comment system asks for three pieces of identifying information (name/email/URL) and those that don’t have a URL probably think this means they can’t add a comment. Facebook they understand (some of them, anyways).

    Having said that, I tried one FB integration plugin and it died on me. I may try the one you mentioned here, because staying signed in to Facebook is one thing my friends/family do all day. They also comment on my blog posts over on Facebook — just not on the blog itself. I think maybe FB has killed most diary/journal-type blogs any way…

    • troublesometots

      @dixonge I agree with your perspective. My commenters are generally non-bloggers also so signing in or (God forbid) linking to twitter is a pretty major comment deterrent. The tech crowd definitely has no problem with comment systems but I think they represent a relatively small % of the overall web crowd. Even many savvy bloggers I know are flummoxed by Disqus or Livefyre. Also I think most people suffer from social networking fatigue – they don’t want to create yet another profile, remember another password, etc. Simple & native works best for me.

    • dino_dogan

      Thats a huge factor, isnt it? When I said in my post “you have to have a WordPress account” what I meant to say is that you have to provide your info in order to leave a comment…and thats bad.

      The goal is ALWAYS to simplify and remove obstacles. And WP comment system has lots of obstacles.

      Facebook does come close to being ubiquitous and I have considered using Facebook on my blog. The problem? I dont want FB comments to be the only kind and I dont want to have 2 comment systems.

      I guess Im stuck between a rock and a hard place 🙂


  • jennalanger

    Hey Dino, Jenna from Livefyre here. If you haven’t seen SocialSync yet, watch out, it might just floor you.

    SocialSync tracks the conversation happening on Twitter and Facebook and brings it back to your site. Instead of just displaying RTs, we’re tracking replies as well, tweets that never made it to your site before. We’re also scanning your Facebook fan page and will pull in any comments left on an article you post. Here’s an example of it in action: cc dannybrown

    You can turn it on for your site here:

    And don’t forget the ability to tag friends on Facebook and Twitter, just likes this! dino_dogan

    Let us know if you have any questions, and we’re working in bringing some of the features you listed in your perfect comment system too, so keep an eye on us 🙂

    • dixonge

      @jennalangerdannybrowndino_dogan Wow – just signed up, turned on the plugin, and configured this in about 5 minutes. Now followers can reply to Tweets or comment on Facebook and my blog doesn’t look like a red-headed stepchild! lol Thanks guys!

      • jennalanger

        @dixonge Wait a second, what do you have against redheads?? 😉

        • dixonge

          @jennalanger “It’s just an expression!” 🙂

        • wonderoftech

          @dixonge@jennalanger I first heard that expression when my former step-mother used it. She would use it frequently in my presence with a smirk on her face, after which she would look at me and say, “No offense.” My hair is still red but she is not still married to my father. ‘Nuff said.

    • dino_dogan

      Hi Jenna. I did enable SocialSync a while back but havent seen it work on my blog. For example, I know for a fact that people commenting on this post have sent out mentions via LiveFyre but thats not reflected anywhere on this page. What am I missing? @jennalanger dannybrown

      • jennalanger

        @dino_dogan Facebook conversation is showing up. Twitter can be a bit flakey sometimes as it relies on their servers not missing a beat as well. We’ll make sure to watch your next post closely.

  • DannyBrown

    If you’re using third-party, then Livefyre is the only way to go.

    The best social media features.

    The best real-time updating.

    The best conversation grabber (bringing friends

    The best support (people like @jennalanger for example).

    The best conversation platform for live Q&A sessions.

    Yeah, I like them. 🙂

    • RobertDempsey

      @DannyBrown@jennalanger I’m still wondering how to get the “latest conversation” to work as I though I configured it all correctly. No love for me 🙁

      • jennalanger

        @RobertDempsey@DannyBrown The latest conversation works if you have Livefyre installed on your site. It pulls the latest conversation that was started through our system and displays it on blogs that enable the feature.

        • RobertDempsey

          @jennalanger@DannyBrown well now that makes sense doesn’t it 🙂

        • DannyBrown

          @RobertDempsey@jennalanger They’re smart people, these Livefyre folks. 😉

        • Brankica

          @DannyBrown@RobertDempsey@jennalanger I am still waiting for them to roll out some updates to maybe put the plugin back ON 🙂

  • DannyBrown

    Just read the first part of your post again, mate. You do know that native commenting doesn’t require anything but a Name and Email, and sometimes not even that (check what ariherzog did with his comments a while back).


    • Ari Herzog

      @DannyBrown Indeed. For a while I had turned off the “Comment author must fill out name and e-mail” discussion setting in the WordPress dashboard. I currently require both because I’d seen a lot of abuse and/or spam.

      • throwaway123

        @Ari Herzog@DannyBrown +1

      • throwaway123

        @Ari Herzog@DannyBrown +1

    • dino_dogan

      Good point, Danny. It forced me to dig deeper to figure out why I dont like native WordPress comment system, and I think I figured it out. It just doesnt look inviting.

      Sure, some people can make it look so good that you want to leave a comment just to see it surrounded in all the pretty design element (See nicholas cardot ‘s for an example). But the rest of us cant do that…we’ll I know I cant 🙂 Livefyre and DisqUs offer a serviceable level of design to the design-challenged 🙂 and thats why I like those two systems. @DannyBrown ariherzog

      • throwaway123

        @dino_dogannicholas cardot@DannyBrownariherzog YES YES YES I AGREE!

    • Brankica

      @DannyBrownariherzog I should have read all the comments before I asked the same question, lol

      @Ari Herzog how do you turn that off?

      • Ari Herzog

        @Brankica Scroll above. See what I included in quotation marks and where I referenced the quotes occur. It’s all there. @DannyBrown ariherzog

  • RobertDempsey

    I’ve used all the systems you mention above and others Dino and settled on using native WordPress comments along with the CommentLuv plugin – a true bloggers plugin to be sure. However, having been put on a number of CommentLuv-enabled blog lists I saw a direct correlation to the number of super lame comments, namely they went up. How can I tell? People use keywords for their name rather than their name, and they don’t add to the conversation.

    That’s not why I have comments on my blog.

    So I’m considering going back to Disqus. A friend on Twitter mentioned that people told him @livefyre comments were a bit of a walled garden. Do they keep the comments on your blog or is it entirely third-party?

  • RobertDempsey

    I’ve used all the systems you mention above and others Dino and settled on using native WordPress comments along with the CommentLuv plugin – a true bloggers plugin to be sure. However, having been put on a number of CommentLuv-enabled blog lists I saw a direct correlation to the number of super lame comments, namely they went up. How can I tell? People use keywords for their name rather than their name, and they don’t add to the conversation.

    That’s not why I have comments on my blog.

    So I’m considering going back to Disqus. A friend on Twitter mentioned that people told him @livefyre comments were a bit of a walled garden. Do they keep the comments on your blog or is it entirely third-party?

    • DannyBrown

      @RobertDempsey@livefyre I’ve started to see that – I’m going to update my Comment Policy to say you need to actually have a name, otherwise your comment won’t be published.

      • TheJackB

        @DannyBrown@RobertDempsey I am going to make my name “Great Post.” Sorry, can’t help myself.

        • RobertDempsey

          @TheJackB you might be the single exception to the rule 😉

      • RobertDempsey

        @DannyBrown@livefyre just updated my comment policy to include the “actual name” requirement and contacted a few people about it. Last time I invited someone to use a real name I didn’t hear back and deleted all their comments.

        So it goes.

        • DannyBrown

          @RobertDempsey@livefyre Ditto, just updated. 🙂

    • Brankica

      @RobertDempsey@livefyre the comments are on your blog, when I removed the plugin they were all there except they looked weird, cause all these usernames look like @ username when you remove it 🙂

  • TheJackB

    I have used all of the systems and have to agree that I really like LiveFyre. However I switched to the native WP system because I had a lot of people emailing me that they had trouble commenting with LF.

    CommentLuv Premium has been a great addition as well. I still very much like LF and wouldn’t rule out going back.

  • Brankica

    I’ve used Livefyre and removed it because it doesn’t have the edit option for a comment someone left and I can’t reply to comments from my dashboard.

    I don’t think I have a preference between Livefyre and Disqus but I am pretty sure both of those and Facebook are indexable by Google, not just Livefyre.

    I like this comparison 🙂

    I use the WP system but not sure why do you say people have to have WP account to use it?

    • DannyBrown

      @Brankica I think @dino_dogan was drunk when he wrote that bit about the WP account… 😉

      • TheNerdyNurse

        @DannyBrown@Brankica@dino_dogan agreed

  • Triberr

    testing comment

  • Shonali Burke


  • TheNerdyNurse

    you don’t have to have a wordpress account to use the native wp comment system – it asks for a name email and website, you can optionally login, but its not a requirment

  • krisolin

    When I was determined enough to change my WordPress commenting system I had a hard time choosing between Disqus and LiveFyre. So, I chose LiveFyre. I don’t really know why, as they are very much alike. Perhaps it was that I have always liked the underdog and they had brilliant support.

    After using it for awhile though, I decided to go on Disqus. The main reason for the switch was that Disqus is so much bigger than LiveFyre. Their user base is ten fold and if you compare Alexa rankings it’s a clear winner (1,552 vs. 12,022).

    I figured if there’s more people using it, it would relate to more commenting on my blog; and this has been true as my comments have been increasing quite nicely since then. Highly recommended!

    • DannyBrown

      @krisolin Not sure traffic is a great divider when looking at systems. Disqus has been around a lot longer than Livefyre, so it stands to reason they’ll have more visibility.

      Be interesting to see the comparison in 12 months time, especially as word of Livefyre gets around. And there’s no competition whatsoever when it comes to customer service – Livefyre wins that hands down. 😉

      • dixonge

        @DannyBrown@krisolin As far as being indexed by search engines goes, Google already has @DannyBrown ‘s “my latest conversation” post indexed and cached. Google “backass Danny Brown” 🙂

        • dixonge

          On the other hand, the link that livefyre is showing as my ‘latest’ actually dates to June of 2010. In fact, that is the *first* post on that blog! 68 other posts have followed. Is there a sorting switch in livefyre I am unaware of?

        • jennalanger

          @dixonge Hey Dino, when you first install the conversations get added newest first, so it ends on your oldest post. Next post you write will show the correct latest conversation.

  • dixonge

    FYI @dino_dogan when I click on ‘comments’ right below this blog post title, it doesn’t jump down here to the comments section. Not sure if that’s a WP thing or a LiveFyre thing…

    • dino_dogan

      yeah, thats weird…not sure whats up with that…I’ll investigate. @dixonge

  • Ari Herzog

    For what it’s worth, I was with Livefyre for several months — and then went back to vanilla WP which is just fine for everyone who chose not to comment on Livefyre.

  • Ileane

    I’m a die-hard CommentLuv fan – BUT!!! After watching @jennalanger work her magic, I will say that if I ever start another blog (which might be very soon) I’m going to give @livefyre a try. @DannyBrown is right – customer service trumps features anyday. 🙂

  • TheWorldOrBust

    I don’t get Livefyre. Sometimes it’s no-follow and just links to your livefyre profile, or sometimes it actually gives you the link. Is the user’s choice?

    • dino_dogan

      Im pretty sure they are always nofollow, which is a shame because some bloggers look explicitly for dofollow comment systems. It would be nice to offer that as an option to those who want to enable it. @TheWorldOrBust

    • tonygreene113

      @TheWorldOrBust The links initially point to profile, and then over time become nofollow and link back to the main url in your Livefyre profile.

  • Angelique

    I like Disqus, both as a blogger and someone who comments on blogs. Just the other day someone refused to put a comment on my blog because he “hates Disqus.” I don’t understand how Disqus could be such a turnoff. You don’t have to register anywhere to use it.

  • BruceSallan

    I’m a disqus fan EXCEPT it doesn’t integrate well with Joomla which is the antiquated platform that my web site is on. Thankfully, we’re switching to WordPress after the first with a whole new look and Disqus will work just the way it’s supposed to!

    • dino_dogan

      I was wondering what your blog runs on. So it IS Joomla. Congrats on the new blog for the new year…cant wait to see it 🙂 @BruceSallan

    • LiEs


    • LiEs

      @BruceSallan Disqus integrates with anything. just paste the code they offer in the correct place. They also offer comment count integration which is more then expected.

      • LiEs

        @BruceSallan srry no edit button. So I saw your blog and you are running just Joomla as blog eeek. Then yes go to wordpress; or have Joomla + K2.

  • ro

    Hi Dino – thanks for the write-up. Especially interesting to see your wish list. A number of those items are also top of mind at Disqus, and there were others that got us thinking a bit..

    One point of clarification regarding comment indexing, Disqus has always been SEO-friendly via the WordPress plugin or even more generically via our API:, and more recently Google started automatically indexing some JS-based comments including Disqus

    Also, while every community has different characteristics and priorities, the large installed base of commenters on Disqus (60 MM+) tends to make it much easier for users to participate once they arrive at your site, esp. since they’re often already logged in. Curious to hear if that was the case for this blog, but in general we see this as one of the biggest factors behind the large increases in comments and commenters we see on average when a site switches to Disqus (




    • dino_dogan

      Hi Ro

      There was a period of adjustment here on DIYB. I think it might still be going on, but generally speaking, my visitors have accounts with both comment systems.

      One thing I do love about DisqUs is the Edit ability. I make typos and that Edit button is a nice way to avoid completely embarrassing myself 🙂 @ro

  • wonderoftech

    I wish my user name was Carolyn instead of wonderoftech, but I messed up when I signed up with livefyre, and tried unsuccessfully to change it. My other issue with livefyre is sometimes it allows me to comment from my iPad, otherwise I’m out of luck.

    My intended audience is people who are interested in learning more about tech. Many of them are not tech-savvy so I don’t want to scare them off from commenting. They seem to be able to navigate the native WordPress commenting form just fine.

    • TheNerdyNurse

      @wonderoftech you need to add your blog to your livefyre profile. When I click on you I have no way to get to your blogs from there… traffic loss out the ying-yang

    • tonygreene113

      @wonderoftech Like @TheNerdyNurse said if you make your site your main or top url in profile, all of your comments should populate back to your site rather than your profile.

  • TheNerdyNurse

    My biggest pet peeve with @Livefyre is the way it sends you updates. I wish it would send me a daily digest instead of the weird options it currently has.

    • JMattHicks

      @TheNerdyNurse@livefyre Hey there, thanks a ton for the feedback, we appreciate it. We’re always working to improve our product and making the Livefyre experience as custom for community as possible. While I don’t have an exact ETA for when they’ll roll out, further-developed e-mail settings are on our dev plan, so definitely keep an eye out!

  • LauLau81

    I also love livefyre and it always excites me to use it…Thanks for your post here..

    • tonygreene113

      @LauLau81 You sure do get around….lol. Have you entered the motorcycle show giveaway?

  • cmajaski

    I’ve been wondering about both LiveFyre and DisQus. I have both Facebook and WordPress comments on mine. I really like how the Facebook comments share the blog post. The only problem is a lot of people that use it aren’t aware that what they are saying will appear on their wall. It has caused some confusion. Also having both seems to be confusing and people have said they can’t figure out how to comment. I’m thinking I should ditch both and just go with one system, either LiveFyre or DisQus.

    • dino_dogan

      I’ve faced this so many times while teaching. The reason ppl have such a problem with the way it works is because they think they know how it’s suppose to work, and then when it doesnt, they get frustrated.

      In Buddhism they have a cure for something like that, and they call it the Beginner’s Mind. Or to put it another way, you can’t fill a glass that’s already full. @cmajaski

    • tonygreene113

      @cmajaski Livefyre will serve you much better and get rid of the quasi confusion of the FB commenting system. I foresee even more goodies coming from the Livefyre guys as soon as the uber tech loaded G+ API is released.

  • Coaching Hockey

    I don’t think you can go wrong with either system. In my opinion, they are both much better than Facebook.

    • dino_dogan

      I’ve been thinking about that a lot since I wrote this piece. I love both DisqUs and LiveFyre, and wouldnt want to take anything away from them…great systems, for sure. BUT!

      What is I had a blog about Mafia Wars, or something else tightly related to Facebook, and all my audience happens to be on Facebook…I would want to go with the FB comment system for sure.

      So I guess the lesson is, consider your audience.

      Sorry…Im just thinking out loud here lol

      @Coaching Hockey

  • tonygreene113

    Facebook no, not relevant to any of the readrs to my site. IntenseDebate was too bold and quirky. Disqus worked pretty good on my directory listing site a few years ago. But now, I’m totally digging the benefits of Livefyre and think this is where I’m going to stay.

    Especially since finding that they do listen to their users on getSatisfaction.

    • dixonge

      @tonygreene113 man, talk about a special kind of hell – I replied to a comment on a political site using IntenseDebate – the angry hordes have descended upon me, and the unsubscribe link doesn’t work right, and turning off email notifications has done nothing. Ugh.

      • tonygreene113

        @dixonge Well staying off of the political sites that have an opposing opinion isn’t any fun. The best thing that I do for those types of sites is commenting with less trafficked web properties and if the angry hordes want to follow me along, oh well. I benefit in the long run.

  • pehlavoon

    Totally agree we’ve been using the same commenting systems for the sites created by

    I agree that wordpress commenting system is not interactive. If you notice commenting is huge now, you know when you watch a youtube video and you read the comments? I love it!!!

  • Donna Brown

    Something that’s a combo of Comment Luv Premium, with comment upvoting (not downvoting – hate that!) and option to upload images.

  • delfinparis

    Added @Livefyre after meeting them @BlogWorld. Amazing customer service. Yesterday they wrote custom CSS for me to fix something on my site.

  • wmwebdes

    Hi Dino

    I’ve just set up a new website and installed Livefyre.

    Having a few problems, but the Livefyre support team are very good.

    When will your CommentX system be up and running? LOL

    • dino_dogan

      The thing I liked about installing LiveFyre is that it was amazingly simple and easy. The thing I dont like about LiveFyre is that I tried switching back to DisqUs and all the LiveFyre comments were gone.

      As for Comment X someone better get on it 🙂 @wmwebdes

      • wmwebdes


        Oh dear.

        I don’t like the sound of that.

        Thought all the comments remained in the database!

        However… their support guys are amazingly helpful.

        Have you found that?

        • dino_dogan

          Luckily, I havent had the need to contact their support. But everything Ive heard second hand points to a great bunch of ppl who care about their product. @wmwebdes

  • chat

    The thing I liked about installing Live blogs

  • tessmac

    i just started using livefyre and i have nothing against it, it’s working pretty good, simple and so easy.

  • Steven Hughes

    LiveFyre, not even a contest…

  • rishonan

    I use Disqus, and love it! Although Livefyre looks cool, I see no reason to switch. But Facebook Connect? Ugh…can’t stand it! Mainly because for me, Facebook is for my personal social network, and I don’t want it linked to blog comments. Also, I would figure that regulating and following the comments (from an administrative perspective) would be a chore. I actually wrote a blog post on how the use of Facebook Connect actually stops me from commenting on a blog here:

  • MassimilianoSquillace


    • Mitchell Allen

      @MassimilianoSquillace This is missing form Comment X, @dino_dogan LOL. I am surprised that the word spam does not even come up in your discussion. Well, it does, now.

      I think your comment system wish list is in place, already. It relies on media and curators and hyperlinks. I believe that system is called “Your Social Network.” It’s way too nebulous to pin down to a feature set. You’d wind up with a switchboard full of settings. Invariably, some of the settings will exclude people who want to comment.



  • PFF

    I use Livefyre, but I think the Livefyre not deal well pingbacks, trackbacks, and retweets. Lack a “Reactions”, as in Disqus

  • Tej Babra

    I am using Livefyre and so far I think it’s very good. Their tech support has been outstanding ! That alone makes them a great choice for me.

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  • Anonymous

    It seems you’ve changed back to Disqus :)). I think I’ll do the same as the Livefyre system does not allow me to post from work.

    • Dino Dogan

       yup, changed back to DisqUs and lost all Livefyre comments. There is some convoluted HML way of importing them but I dont feel like doing that 🙂

      I think what I love about DisqUs is that they do Reactions right. You can see the pretty faces of all the folks who retweet your post. That works as a great social proof.

      I’ll stay with DisqUs for now, we’ll see what happens.

      • GeraldinCrete

        Thank you for this article. Very useful insight. Yup, I am using Disqus and Livefyre, as a newcomer to both. While the article by Dino Dogan is addressing practical issues of the two comment systems, I  am looking harder at the actual number of subscribers to both. That is more likely to sway my real preference and therefore allegiance, especially from how the mobile user end perspective pans out.

  • Ian Harte

    IMO I am well into disqus think it works very well! 

    • Dino Dogan

      I duno why I like DisqUs better but I do. I switched back to it even. LiveFyre is a great comment system, but one thing I LOVE about DisqUs is Reactions. I alse prefer the way DisqUs annnounces a comment on twitter or facebook. Much more useful than LiveFyre’s generic version “you were mentioned in a comment”.

      • Ian Harte

        Yeh man I just think everything about it is king! Very simple interface all good.

  • Kschunselaar

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    • Koen

      I prefer Disqus, because you don’t have to make an account to comment. With Livefyre you are forced to log in.

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    So if you were running Livefyre during this blog post then why are you back to Disqus?

  • Sonia

    Disqus for sure! I don’t use it on my site (CommentLuv), but I don’t dislike it’s functions either. Use what works best for you and your blog, but between these two, Disqus hands down.

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  • Jacob Arriola

    This is great.  Considering Disqus.  What happens to all my comments from the native WP comments?  Do I lose them??

    • Narendran Narayanasamy

      nope u can import all of them onto discus … it is the exit strategy that is difficult with discus 

      • Anonymous

        thanks for the reply.  when you say exit strategy, are you saying that it is difficult to export comments in case we want to go back to the native system or switch?

        • Narendran Narayanasamy

          @ECHispanicMedia:disqus Yep switching back to the native system means that u will loose all of the comments that u had on disqus! (importing comments as xml into blogger did not work for me ) And when switching between platforms eg. from blogger to wordpress it seems you will have to switch to native system migrate and then add discus again. A easy fix to these problems is if you sync disqus with your blog, then every comment made in disqus is automatically made in your native platform also! The problem is only when you dont have them synced. (i just found this out so pls dont flame me if my previous comment is off the mark) A detailed how to do this can be found here : 

          • Siyanda N. Mava

            Nope, when switching back u do not lose the comments that were left on disqus

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    Retroactive banning users based on IP or username is a godsend and additions such as liking or reporting comments should be implemented by WordPress 🙂

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  • Dan Ang

    Hi Dino,

    Thanks for doing a comparison of the comments. I’m still using the wordpress native comment. Thinking of using LiveFyre. Saw you switched to DisqUs? Any reasons?

    • Dino Dogan

       yes, 2 reasons.

      1. I like the way the tweets are formatted in DisqUs vs. LiveFyre.


      2. Reactions. If you look on the bottom you can see folks who have tweeted my stuff. It doesnt catch all but I just like seeing human faces “reacting” to my content.

      I will be switching again very soon to Triberr Global Comment System,  which replicates comments across all instances of the post. So if both of us publish the same post on our 2 blogs, the comments will be replicated to both blogs. Sweet 🙂

      • Dan Ang

         Thanks. I will take a look at DisqUs. Triberr Global Comment System sounds awesome. Having the same comments replicated to multiple blogs means outreach to more traffic!

  • Benjamin Franklin

    Disqus is to best for handling comments and organizing the groups

  • Siyanda N. Mava

    Hi, Dino
    Good post. I also think Disqus is a good comment system. The style and all it’s other amazing features. I remember browsing my blog and I received a notification that “YOU” have replied to my comment. Thats a great feature. I once used it for about 3 weeks but I changed back to the WordPress native commenting system. The reason I changed Disqus is because I didnt recieve a comment while I was using it, and I thought maybe my visitors are unfamiliar with it. another thing, it made me post as a guest on my blog. Even thou my name was there, but WordPress saw me as a guest. 

    I then decided to change to the wordpress default because I also missed comment luv. I can tel the links I leave behind after every comment are useful for my visitors as they always click on them. They also decrease my site’s bounce rate on google analytics. I also received a comment 2 days after after switching back to the wordpress default (maybe I was going to receive the comment regardless of whether I had switched back or not).  and oh, what do you mean by “In order for people to comment using WordPress comment system they have to have a WordPress account”? Because it only asks for name and email address. And I think all comment systems do the same, unless i am missing something. Good post by the way, keep up the good work.

    • Dino Dogan

      Hi Siyanda,

      I have a confession to make. This post was essentialy market research for me. We started working on Triberr comment system back in December and I wanted to understand what people loved -or didnt love- about existing comment systems.

      We’ve rolled out Triberr Global Comment System since then, and you can see its unique feature by leaving a comment here and then go to view your comment here

      The second link is a ReBlogged version of the original post. ReBlog is yet another feature we’re rolling out this week.

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  • hikingmike

    Disqus is really nice for me being a commenter, if you’ve already created an account. I’ve found I am using it quite a bit on other sites now and it’s convenient. There are definitely advantages and disadvantages to using a 3rd party system. However, I’m not planning to use it on my site partly because of the valid reasons here:

    “In order for people to comment using WordPress comment system they have to have a WordPress account” – incorrect. I’m going to stick with the default wordpress system, but I don’t want to require an account on my small site (my audience is people, not bloggers, hehe) so I will use other means. There are several good plugins so you should pick the right one(s). I’m planning to avoid captchas too since I hate those.

    By the way, I won’t post a comment on a site that uses the facebook system! I would like to keep my facebook life separate. The collision of worlds going on right now is crazy enough. I already have my wife, immediate family, extended family, my wife’s family, core friends, high school classmates, co-workers, boss, my rabbit (no joke), and everybody else able see my actions on facebook that I hardly go there anymore. The less of my “real” person that is out there searchable, linked together, and archived forever by possible future employers, who may think negatively of something I do, the better. This stuff can really affect your employability nowadays which creeps me out a bit. Unlike all of these big brother sites, I do put a little bit of value into my privacy.

  • Joel Don

    Dino, regarding a comment system that can span multiple blogs. Doesn’t the new Google algorithm now frown upon duplicate postings of the same content?  Wouldn’t this then negatively impact a comment system that replicated reader input on several blog sites?

    • Dino Dogan

      Duped content is a very misunderstood issue. Here’s the skinny.

      If google finds 2 posts with same content on 1 blog, the blog gets dinged.

      If google finds the same post on 2 blogs, then it’s likely been reposted by Huff Post, mashable, and the like.

      These big media hubs routinely post duplicate (syndicated) content without any penalty.

      It’s because google has added (years ago) a time stamp to their index, so all things being equal, the post with the oldest timestamp wins.

      Btw, Joel, as you probably know, now there IS a comment system that can span multiple blogs 🙂 Triberr Comment System 🙂

      • Joel Don

        Dino, thanks for clarifying the Google system for penalizing posters of duped content.  Yup, I know about the Triberr Comment System from your prior mentions during the dev phase. 😉

  • Bruno Pierre Gebarski

    There are TWO things missing in most comment systems Disqus or Livefyre: formatting text within a comment and hyperlink (directly into the comment content)! I wish this could improve it would then be a wonderful addition! @brunogebarski:twitter

    • Dino Dogan

      I disagree about the hyperlink. With Triberr’s Unified Comment System, we purposefully eliminated hyperlinks. 

      If your comment is replicated to 50 blogs -for example- that means a hyperlink will get replicated to 50 blogs. And if that hyperlink is live, then that would be a great thing for spammers and low quality comments. 

      We balanced it out by linking to a commenter’s Triberr profile which contains links and preview of the last 20 posts. Which is a good compromise I think. 

      As for formatting…thats interesting. I never missed it until you said something 🙂

      • Bruno Pierre Gebarski

        Thanks for the answer! Not spamming myself I guess I will have to learn in this area! But I definitely see your point and I am glad you are now thinking bout FORMATTING: that would be a great addition! 

  • online suggestion box

    Hello friends!!
    I generally don’t mind Disqus too much, though you’re right that it’s kind of a drag sometimes if you have to register. But if I really have something to contribute I usually don’t mind registering and it does keep me coming back to participate so in that sense I think it works. What’s your opinion on IntenseDebate commenting?

  • dwaynekilbourne

    I really like Disqus the best thus far, but it could also use some improvements… certainly, your wants in a perfect comment system are great!

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  • Farhad Ghayour

    I’ve been checking your blog quite often and I’m curious as to why you switched over from Livefyre back to Disqus when just a week ago, I saw that you had Livefyre? Thanks in advance for the help!

    • Dino Dogan

      I’ve actually switched yet again to Triberr comment system. To see why, leave a comment here then go to a ReBlogged version of the same post on a different blog here

      …and prepare yourself to be floored 🙂 

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    I do use Disqus in a couple of sites and works pretty good. However, I had installed it on a multilanguage site and I don’t know what to do to have the Spanish and the English Version. Disqus support commented on their blog that this is possible on a per post or page, but no explanation was provided. Any clues on this? Thanks!

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  • MimiReynolds

    Those of us who post on the mlb news articles hate livefyre. Mlb gave us the new version of disqus for ONE DAY, then switched to livefyre. What a disappointment!

    • Dino Dogan

      whoa…you cant just drop a bomb and keep it movin’ 🙂

      Whats an “mlb news article” and why is LiveFyre bad for it?

      • MimiReynolds

        Major League Baseball offers news articles for each team that the fans can post comments to. We had the older version for disqus up until about a month ago. Then 1 day of the new version of disqus. We loved the abilities to:
        see who was liking comments
        see history of comments made by any person posting.
        see number of comments and likes received by any person posting
        We don’t have any these with livefyre.
        “Pending” comments are annoying, especially when nothing offensive has been posted.
        A definite downgrade from the new disqus, if you ask me and many other baseball fans who use it.

  • Skip Prichard

    Another good post. I’m one of the only people on the planet not on FB (hard to believe!!), so that one is out at the moment. I like Disqus, and it would require a significant increase in functionality to get me to switch. But I use LiveFyre often enough for other blogs.

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    I miss a few things in most commenting systems available today. Users should be able to comment without logging in. It should be an interface that is easy to understand, otherwise people will not leave comments. Also, Only WordPress and Intense debate meet these criteria today.. but there are many blog platforms available where it’s too tricky (for non-developers) or not possible to use anything else other than Disqus (I immensely dislike Disqus). I really would like to see more comment systems like Intensedebate, or better yet, more platforms with built-in comment systems.