Instagram BAM! Instagram Web Profiles Coming Soon

Two days ago, Instagram announced that they will be launching web profiles, accesible and viewable on your computer.

For the uninitiated, Instagram was a strictly phone app, up until now. Within next week, all Instagrammers will have their own profile accesible via

All the other functions (like Follow, share, comment, etc) will also be available to web users.

What Does It Mean?

Instagram (read Facebook) is making a play for Pinterest.

Twitter has short message service. Facebook has the mainstreamers. Pinterest has visual content.

With Instagram available via the web, there will be very little functional difference between it and Pinterest. And with the money, experience, and leverage boost Instagram gets from its parent (Facebook), Pinterest might be in trouble.

How do you think people will use their Instagram web profiles? 

Dino Dogan

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  • Stan Faryna

    Visuals are powerful tools for self-promotion and marketing but Pinterest doesn’t make social, search and interaction easy. I suppose Instagram will follow in the same three big fails.

  • Connor Meakin

    Shifting gears from the exclusivity of mobile-only not only opens up a broader demographic of users,it also completely lifts the mirage of privacy which instagrammers previously (may have) assumed.

    Short-term spikes in followers, likes, and comments may please some, but I worry about the incoming flood of marketers treating instagram as their new shiny object. I’ve already seen several cases of people sharing photos of brand profiles for physical rewards – similar to people whoring out their personal Facebook updates for a free coffee.