Video Your Tweets: @tout vs @keek

It’s easy to get them confused, all these new fangled video sites that limit your videos to only few seconds.

So I checked out two such sites and I have few thoughts to share on the subject.

For the uninitiated, the idea here is to limit the length of your video thereby tapping into the same psychological trigger that Twitter manages to tap into when they limit your tweets to 140 characters.

The limit becomes a point of differentiation against other video sites (youtube, vimeo, etc.), and content gets turned into bite-sized chunks that are easy to both create and consume.


Tout limits your videos to 15 seconds.

If you spend a short time on you will immediately notice something. It seams to be popular with sports figures and celebrities who are sending a bite-sized message to their audience.

So it seams that Tout’s point of differentiation is to become the soapbox for people with an existing audience. Pretty clever if you can pull it off with a caveat that the celebrities are by definition trendy and fickle.


Keek limits your videos to 36 seconds.

Keek’s audiences skews much younger. It’s mostly teens with aspirations to become the next Justin Bieber.

It seams that Keek is much more focused on building a community of teens with a talent. As such, I think it stands a better chance of being a winner in the long term.


There is no important difference between these two services in terms of mobile accessibility, ability to share on twitter and facebook, and the ability to embed your videos on your blog or elsewhere.

The real difference in what these platforms can do for you, and Keek seams to be a clear winner in that regard.

My friend Bridget Hinman works for an indie record label. We talked Social Media for her acts recently, and Keek seams to be the natural fit for independent musicians.

Quick video ups plus young audience equals marketing gold for new acts trying to build their fan base. And I don’t think musicians are the only ones that could benefit from joining the Keek community.

Tout on the other hand is very off putting. Celebrities making shout-outs and calling people out is a lot of fun for the fans, but I don’t think those fans are interested in checking out anyone else but the person they came to see.

  • Have you tried Tout or Keek yet?
  • Which feels better? 15 or 36 seconds? 

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