Two Lessons I Learned From Mark Zuckerberg

I couldn’t fall asleep last night so I trolled the Intertubes checking out old videos of Steve Jobs, which somehow led me to this Mark Zuckerberg video.

I sat through the entire 15 minutes of Mark’s video, and I’m pleased to say that Mark has taught me two very cool things. In fact, these two things are so huge, and so important, that I started writing an email to Dan at 12:41AM.

Unfortunately for Dan, this is not unusual. Poor guy is always waking up to several long emails from me…what can I say, my creative flow works the late shift. 🙂

As I started typing an email for Dan, I realized that I don’t have a post scheduled. So why not take my midnight ramblings over to my blog? But wait!

For Dan’s Eyes Only

The email I was writing was very confidential. It was for Dan’s eyes only. Insider information. The kind of thing Dan and I study and dissect to no end, which then ends up being implemented on Triberr.

I wanted to share two insights with Dan that are going to be implemented on Triberr. Is that the kind of information I want to share with the world?

It’s little like pulling the curtain to reveal the wizard. Or explaining how the magician pulls the rabbit out of his hat.

But, hey. Why not? We already have a post out called Growing Up Naked in Public. It’s very revealing, especially if you follow the breadcrumbs. So this is just a par for the course.

The Engagement Horizon

In the video, Mark talks about the “growth” team which was responsible for making sure people who create accounts on Facebook, actually continue to come back.

They found that the magic number, the tipping point where a person WILL come back to Facebook, is if they manage to connect with 10 friends.

I’ve dubbed this the Engagement Horizon. And I think 10 is a good number for Triberr to shoot for.

Since Triberr is redesigning its on-boarding process, it’s a good time to be supremely concerned about enabling new users to generate a tribe of 10 as soon as they join.

I figure if it’s good enough for Facebook, it should make a good starting point for Triberr as well.

Plus, based on my experience thus far, a tribal network of 10 is a pretty good start that is likely to demonstrate the benefit of Triberr to new bloggers who join.

So, the big lesson from big bro Zuck, is that we need to focus our efforts on enabling new bloggers to reach the Engagement Horizon. And the magic integer for this coveted milestone is 10.

The World is Mapped

The second big lesson I’ve learned from Mark is that the world is already mapped. Lemme ‘splain.

In the late 90s, the big problems in computing were things like indexing content. Yahoo directory and Google search managed to find solutions to these problems.

Mapping connections between people is a totally different problem, which is the problem Facebook solved. So that problem doesn’t need solving either, as per Mark.

I would like to take a short digression here and point out that this is a convenient propaganda on Mark’s part. If he keeps saying the world’s been mapped, it will discourage potential competition from trying to map it, thus eliminating competition before it gets “ideas”. Back to the point…

A way for Triberr to enable its new users to reach the Engagement Horizon is to tap into already mapped world of Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn.

This is nothing unusual of course. But Triberr has a unique problem when doing this. We are not Pinterest.

On Pinterest, or Instagram, or Little Monsters, or any other social platform, inviting your existing social map makes perfect sense. On Triberr however, it’s a different story.

You don’t want to invite your Facebook friends into your tribe. You only want to invite those Facebook friends who have a blog.

And you certainly don’t want to invite your Twitter followers into your tribe. You only want to invite those Twitter followers who have a blog.

How do we root out THAT information? That is the problem facing Triberr at this moment.

Suggestions welcomed. Especially low-tech kind. 🙂


Both Dan and I will be at the TribeUpNYC on September 22nd. I hope you can join us.

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