Twitter, G+, Facebook Wall, Who Is the Noisiest of Them All?

What Makes the Blogosphere Noisy?

Who makes my online streams clogged up with nonsense?

Who makes me want to run away and go live in a cave for a while?

Who is causing the information overload we’re all suffering from?

Mashable and They are the root cause of all information overload.

Now, let me explain.

Noise Personified

Mashable and are NOT the only offenders. They are simply personifications of the two types of offenders:

  1. Big, crappy, content warehouse fluff pushers, and
  2. Content aggregators, the bane of my existence.

Content Warehouse 13

Mashable publishes 50+ posts per day, most of which are utter nonsense, emotional manipulation, and regurgitation of content seen elsewhere. (hey Buzzfeed, Reddit says hi)

I could have easily said HuffingtonPost, Buzzfeed, TMZ, and any number of of large sites that publish a shit-storm of content.

Because these sites are well established, and because they came onto the scene at the right time, they have a built-in army of people that will share the content mindlessly without reading it, and without giving it a second thought. I mean…it’s on Mashable, so it must be sharable, right?

Every time I get suckered in by a good headline and read an article on Mashable I regret immediately after.

Let’s do Some Math

50 articles per day, x 1000s of social shares per article = 50,000+ pieces of shit we all have to sift through to find something worth reading.

Multiply all that by the number of large sites like Mashable, Buzzfeed, and HuffPo, and you quickly realize that we don’t stand a chance of getting away from the noise…unless.

Unless we choose to ignore those sites and refuse to share their content. And there is already a movement afoot whose purpose is exactly that.

Well, consider me part of that movement.

You will NEVER, ever, ever see me share a post from Mashable, Buzzfeed, HuffPo, and similar. And since they would never share my posts, I don’t even feel bad about that. 🙂

Scoop This

First, let me say that I love Ally Greer,’s Community Manager. Ally is #awesome.

I feel really bad taking a shit on like this because of Ally, and I considered using Storify, or, or Twitter embeds, or any number of other social platforms that allow someone who:

  • Can’t write
  • Don’t know what to write about
  • and doesn’t deserve any traffic..

To create a page for themselves with OPC (other people’s content) and pretend like they’re…I duno…relevant? A taste maker? Is that the idea?

I considered using one of these many other platforms to illustrate that point, but no other platform has done a better job of enabling someone to curate someone else’s content. So congrats on that, it’s just that in terms of noise, well…these platforms enable non content creators to pretend like they are content creators. Thus making the blogosphere lot noisier than it needs to be.

As a reader, I never once landed on a scooped, storified, or page, and thought to myself “yay”. Instead, I always find my self feeling like I got suckered into getting there, and cant wait to leave.

It could be just me, but somehow I doubt it.

Why Am I Saying All This?

Because over the last 2 years, Triberr has been criticized as a noise maker. So, let’s consider that, shall we?

Triberr enables Bloggers, Podcasters, Youtubers, and other original content creators, to get 100s of social shares per post.

In other words, if a Blogger writes a post, Triberr gives that post a fighting chance of getting some eyeballs on it, in the face of all other competition.

If that’s noise, then I’m proud to contribute to it. But I don’t see it as noise, at all. I see it as a chance for my thoughts to gain some traction against the odds.

The Last Word

Is yours.

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Dino Dogan

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  • Mark Harai

    F_ _K the criticizers!

    They’re not worth your time or attention.

    You’re building, growing, getting more established everyday.

    Just keep doing that and more and more deserving bloggers you desire to help will get more of their traffic 😛

    Change comes from people making change happen and I think you fit quite well in that category.

    I would bet my left nut that the “criticizers are not building shit.

    You have to be kind of an idiot to do stupid things – and stupid people don’t build things.

    Just my two cents, bro.

    • Dino Dogan

      thnx bro 🙂

  • Jessica

    don’t you think that an “As Seen In” banner from Forbes and The HuffPo still adds a certain amount of credibility to small businesses? Or do you think this era slowly fading? If you’re building, adding value, and remaining relevant, is being a part of the noise to get a level of publicity really…meaningful?

    and yes, what Dan says…great photo!

    • Dino Dogan

      Yes, it does add a TON of credibility. It’s totally fake credibility, it’s completely meaningless, it’s totally useless credibility, but it does add to the credibility assuming the person doesnt know you from an atom.

      We use it on to great effect. But only to help those who accidentally land on our homepage to make them feel warm on fuzzy on the inside.

      Being featured in Forbes and HuffPo is meaningful to my mom. So that tells you where that whole thing is going 🙂

  • Josh

    Dino, don’t ask people to think because they hate doing that which is why so much is automated. Ok, it might not be fair to paint with a broad brush but sometimes it really fits.

    It is like when you run around talking about being the CEO of your company of 1 and hope that people are impressed. Maybe your company of 1 does great things and generates huge amounts of revenue or maybe it doesn’t generate a dime but you push your message out there hoping that someone will buy into the facade you are selling.

    There is balance in there somewhere, but…

    • Dino Dogan

      HA! My favorite example of “CEO of one” are folks who call themselves Founders of Twitter chats.