Tumblr Functionality for WordPress Bloggers

Tumblr is cool.

  • It had the “retweet” function before Twitter. Tumblr calls it a ReBlog
  • Comments travel with every instance of the ReBlogged post
  • And, Tumblr has it’s own ecosystem of content creators and content consumers (readers and writers)

So, I think Tumblr has the right idea. Here’s why:

  • The ReBlog function establishes Tumblr as its own ecosystem independent of Google, Twitter and Facebook.
  • When you have multiple instances of the same post across multiple blogs the comments should be visible on every instance. That just makes sense to me.
  • Being independent of stupid SEO optimization tricks, and competing for attention against big media properties on Twitter and Facebook is a battle small bloggers are not going to win.

The Problem?

Tumblr is for kids. Gross overgeneralization, I know.

Authority bloggers, and biz bloggers, who are creating amazing content and building real audience are NOT on Tumblr. They are on Self-hosted WordPress.

So, why can’t WordPress bloggers get all those cool Tumblr-like features? Well, they can. How?

Triberr, of course :-)

Triberr provides all of the Tumblr functionality and benefits to WordPress bloggers.

Let’s check it out.

Triberr ReBlog

Let me take you through a simple process of getting awesome, new content for your blog.

Jessica’s post is now live on my blog, AND you can also see the original right here.

Traveling Comment Section 

Like Tumblr, Triberr mirrors the comment section across all instances of the ReBlogged post.

In fact, I can leave a comment inside the Read-window in my Tribal Stream, like so:

And that comment will be visible to:

  • Everyone visiting Jessica’s blog
  • Everyone visiting my blog
  • And everyone Jessica is tribed-up with on Triberr

Check it out:

In fact, I encourage you to see this for yourself, in action. It’s like magic.

Leave a comment on Jessica’s instance of the blog post, then go to see that comment on my instance of that same blog post.

How fucking cool is that?

The Ecosystem

The problem is, the minute you take the self-hosted route you’re on your own.

You’re not part of any ecosystem but your own. And yet, the ecosystem is where the magic happens. This is why Tumblr has built all these cool features for its self.

WordPress bloggers are the most original and hard-core content creators, and yet, they had no such ecosystem. Until now.

Triberr’s mission is to tie the blogs together into one giant social organism independent of Twitter, Facebook, or Google. And we will do it transparently, and with blogger’s best interests in mind. Because we are bloggers as well. And this is only the beginning. :-)

Add to that the fact that Triberr is the fastest, most reliable method of getting relevant eyeballs to your blog, and that leaves us with only one question. Why are you still here? Go sign up.

This concludes your emergency broadcast message. You may now return to your regularly scheduled revolution.


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