Trust Dynamics of Twitter, Facebook, Google Plus and Triberr Revealed

They may use different logos, color scheme, and have a different feature set, but all of that is superficial. Google Plus, Facebook, Twitter and Triberr are fundamentally different in the level of trust needed to connect with another person via these social systems.

In this video, I talk about the underlying trust dynamics of these 4 social networks.

Dino Dogan

Global Force for Badassery | Founder of Triberr | Refugee from Bosnia | Writer for Technorati | Speaker | Lousy Martial Artist | Pretty good singer/songwriter | Hi 🙂

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  • Alexis Kenne

    I agree Dino, they are different in their feature set but similar in their functions. with the recent google+ button, it has enable google to strongly compete with the “like” button for facebook and “tweet” for twitter.

    • Dino Dogan

      For sure. I mean, you cant be a serious blog without a +1 button. Even the nomenclature (+1) while it lacks any google identifiers, people know what +1 is. Remarkable, really.

      The day I added +1 button it saw a lot of action. More than my SU button. 

  • Betsy Cross

    I think Stacey’s #NicheAmnesty experiment broke new ground for Twitter. I got to connect w/people on a different level. On Facebook I get to know people over time.My friends “get” me, but don’t like me to grow. It was rare for me to see anything substantial on my feed, so I got bored. I liked the social dynamic, but Twitter gave me really good links to great blogs and NEW people. Triberr is new to me. I’m really concerned about the tribe I joined, not because I don’t trust them. I just hope we match. Google+…I’m still an outsider. It’s all good if you ask me. Trust? I’m the wrong person to ask! I’ll trust most people until I don’t! Have a great one!

    • Dino Dogan

      Yeah..that Stacey pulled off something remarkable with #NicheAmnesty. As for trust, the people you’re tribed up with must be trustworthy but Im sure thats not the only aspect in a successful tribe.

      Tolerance, acceptance and openness are probably few of the other important factors. Knowing your tribesmates is paramount in all this.

      • Stan Faryna

        “Tolerance, acceptance and openness are probably few of the other
        important factors.”

        Let’s just say you need a little love…

  • Stacey Herbert

    Does it make a difference. In a word yes. On a few occasions I have received emails/tweets from people asking me about triberr..innocently! So I send them over to the site FAQ…all the info you need right! They come back to me with “do you need an invitation” … I’m thinking..”did you you read the faq”. 
    Then they get down to business..”so how do I get one…hint, hint hint. Firstly I’d appreciate them alot more if they just came right out and asked, rather than beating about the bush. But my most recent response was” spend sometime hanging out with the tribes members lets them get to know who you are and what your about, I may be the chief, but the tribesman rule”. Their response was . ” ok. thanks”.
    When I first started building my small put perfectly formed tribe I was pretty easy going and still am..but I respect my tribesmen and think they respect me too.The last spot has to be filled by someone who as you say’ is a good fit’..who actually cares about the tribe! No a one hit wonder, who is only making contact to get an invite. ok..I’ve probably said too much already, lol

    • Dino Dogan

      The people dynamics of Triberr are fascinating to me. Everything you mentioned I’ve noticed myself. And you’re right…ppl are not willing to explore and learn…I cant blame them tho…Im sometimes the same way lol

  • Stan Faryna


    You should also publish this on the triberr blog.


    Triberr is about trust. It’s also about your ability to make, build, and participate in worthwhile online relationships. If you don’t want online relationship, Triberr is going to challenge you. You will be afraid. You will be suspicious. You may even fear for your reputation. Bottom line, you will over-react. You will even be foolish and, perhaps, make noise. Sure, you may want the reach and step up. But at the cost of being in a relationship with others?! [grin]

    Scary, huh?!

    Nah. It’s what being human is all about. Janet Callaway has some pointers on her blog – if you need a little guidance.

    Elsewhere, I’ve written (on a related subject):

    One of the things that makes the Anubis tribe (a la Triberr) so awesome is the variety. I’m doing this with my Rockstar tribe. I welcome interesting people who write interesting things regardless of niche.

    I’ve argued (gently) that this is the way forward. Curate people. Not topics. Not niche. It will enrichen you, your feed, and the people you are reaching. Just saying.

    Stan Faryna recently posted..Are You Ready for Love? And Other Social Media DOHs. #nicheamnesty

  • Elena Patrice

    Hello Dino! I like you doing video because you express your thoughts well and your face expresses the conviction and passion well, along with your voice.

    Now .. I think you have a huge point in bringing this trust factor up. You have those in social media that I call “collectors” and they are just out there to collect friends and numbers like that matter to them for some reason; however my take is that there is zero substance here. I having been toying with the idea of Google + and need to get a move on, but I was wondering about this “circle” thing and I think you state it best with “very interesting choice on Google’s part” hmm …

    Now this bring us to the beloved Triberr and I think the trust and substance factor is HUGE here and why Triberr sets a different standard. I think as people realize how important trust really is, Triberr will be seen even more as a way of filtering the junk from the gems. I think I said this before here, so pardon the repeat if so, Triberr is like having someone in your home; you wouldn’t let just anyone in. We’re often judged by the company we keep, so there is a greater level of discernment here. If you care about your readers and following, then Triberr is really excellent. In an “add water” “I have 10,000 friends” world, it’s nice to think there’s a place in social media that makes you use more than your finger pressing a button to make you think.

    Good thoughts to ponder here Dino – thank you!

    Have an excellent day,

    Elena 🙂

    • Dino Dogan

      Hi Elena,

      If you need that G+ invite, lemme know 🙂

      • Elena Patrice

        You’re kind – thank you; however, I’m all set … just have to get to setting it up! 🙂

  • Riley Harrison

    I personally don’t worry about trust dynamics but I do see where some might feel the misuse of twitter could be a consideration when deciding whether to use Triberr. I also see where the bonding effect in Triberr is very strong in members of the same tribe and I see nothing like that in other social media software.

    • Dino Dogan

      Thnx Riley, that means a lot to me 🙂

  • Lauri

    Hi Dino,
    Thanks for getting me to zero in on my thoughts on trust vs openness. I liken it to kisses.

    Twitter is like a kiss that is thrown as one speeds by in a fabulous little sports car, light, fun and breezy.
    Facebook is like a kiss on both cheeks that people of a certain society or culture bestow on friends or friends of friends. The kiss has an element of tradition. It’s based on a mutual understanding and similarity.
    Linked In is the kiss you get from your elderly aunt, you know you need to do it but you hold your breath as you extend your cheek. While you like and appreciate her, you wonder how she got so old so quickly. 
    Triberr is a real KISS. The kind that’s filled with emotion, passion and pleasure. There’s an element of temptation that let’s the receiver know there’s more on the way. With this kiss, the deeper you get the more that’s revealed. 

    So, that’s what springs to mind after I watched your video. Nice job and very thought-provoking. Thanks

    • Dino Dogan

      Hi Lauri, wow…I think I like that Triberr kiss the best 🙂

      • Lauri

        I thought you might….

    • Janet Callaway

      WOW, Lauri.  What a fantastic comment.  Dino, I hereby incorporate all of Lauri’s comment into this one. 

      Dino, your explanation of the different levels of trust was great and will help people to understand.

      Lauri’s say it with a KISS is perfect!

  • cheap papers

    thanks for the video! like dit!

    • Black Seo Guy

      Cheap Papers..I think Dino has broken down the concept between all the above. After that it just comes down to which one you like the most.

      “Black Seo Guy “Signing Off”

      • Dino Dogan

        Dude…I keep blocking these research papers, cheap papers and other spammers but they keep coming in with different names, from different IPs, and getting past the security.

        Glad to see you here tho….whats shakin, did you get an invite to Triberr yet?

  • Eugene Farber

    Great break down. I actually noticed that Google did the Facebook/Twitter combo with their system in terms of features and adding people. I think it was actually a pretty wise choice on their part.

    • Dino Dogan

      So what does that say about where things are going online? G+ is going in the no-trust-needed direction, while Triberr is going in deep-trust-required direction….is this the case of right and wrong or can they both be successful?

      • Eugene Farber

        I definitely don’t think its right or wrong on this. They serve different purposes. Google+ has similar functionality to Facebook but addresses some privacy concerns (trust issues). So I can still be connected to an employer on Google+ and not worry about my drunken diatribes for instance. Triberr is a different animal. It’s focused on small circles of people sharing each other’s content…so you can get to know them and build trust and all share a common goal. So I think both methods work depending on what you are trying to accomplish.

  • Collin

    Best. Video. Ever.

    Thanks, Dino! Triberr is awesome. You are awesome. You’ve hit the nail on the head with this one, and I say fuck all the haters!

    • Dino Dogan

      Thnx Collin, if you’re enjoying my videos, you may want to pop over to the triberr blog and check out the latest video post 🙂 You wont be disappointed 🙂

  • John Garrett

    You know I wondered if Google was doing this just to get people in there and get the connections going as quickly as possible? Then maybe later if there’s an outcry they might have to pull a Facebook and start clamping down on things -but only if there actually *is* any kind of outcry.

    I have to admit I did not think about the trust level broken down in these basic terms until now. Dammit Dino, stop making me think!! lol…

    • Dino Dogan

      Haha…hey John 🙂

      So, I think the G+/Twitter no-trust-needed model is WAY easier to manage from a people-perspective.

      If we take the antithesis to no-trust model, i.e. Triberr, I get asked ALL THE TIME to implement technical features to solve, what are basically, human issues. G+ wont have to deal with this…I think. I hope…for their sake lol

  • The Nerdy Nurse

    Triberr definitely requires a lot of trust. It really helps to separate who are you blogging friends and who just play nice with you on social media for the klout points 🙂

  • Vitaly Tennant

    You hit it on point with different levels of trust. On the other hand, Triberr is awesome, and the fact that you can now put members on manual individually is a great feature. Thanks for sharing this video Dino.

  • Kavya Hari

    Hello Dino, thanks a lot for sharing your blog post on here 🙂

  • PRLuv

    This is a great video, but I almost wonder if it might be better using ‘intimate’ or ‘intimacy’ instead of trust in this particular case.

    For example, while it doesn’t take a lot of ‘trust’ to follow you on Twitter, versus Facebook… I think that’s entirely because of the lessened amount of personal interaction, or ‘face to face,’ you are with the person on each network. Twitter, you barely see the person. Facebook, you see the person and tons of photos and their family and friends.

    So rather than having a higher trust level there, you have a higher intimacy level. Although considering it, you actually have both…but I think it’s because of the higher amount of intimacy (face to face) that you have a higher level of trust.

    Or it could also be past my bed time and I’m making no sense. 😉

    • Dino Dogan

      I think you may be onto something. Intimacy plays a slightly different but just as important role in all these networks. Do I see a post about this topic in your future? Perhaps…perhaps 🙂

  • vscook

    I just saw this today and thought it was really applicable to the little blow up in my tribe last month. One thing I’ve learned through that is that my comfort level with profanity is much lower than some of my other tribe members. The other is that I am ultimately responsible for what goes out in my feed. So now I read posts before they go out, which actually turns out to be a good thing because I have gotten to know my tribe members better by reading their posts on a daily basis rather than catch as catch can.

    • dino_dogan

      We have some really cool updates coming out in the next month or two that will further encourage and enable tribesmates to get to know one another. @vscook Im glad you enjoyed the video and thnx for leaving your 2 cents 🙂