Triberr Primer – Brought To You by @spreecast

Yesterday, Rachel Thompson -aka Bad RedHead Media– invited me to her Spreecast to talk Triberr.

I expected this to be just another interview, but Rachel -a long time Triberr member- asked some really, really burning questions that are on a lot of people’s minds. So I decided to publish it here for posterity.

If you’re new to Triberr, and even if you’ve been on Triberr for a long time, there is a lot here to chew on. I hope you’ll give it a look-see.

Brought to you by Spreecast

Also, I got to experience Spreecast from the guest’s perspective, and I have to say those guys have come a long way.

I wasn’t able to use Spreecast in Chrome (Firefox and Safari works fine), which makes me think that Google is sabotaging Spreecast on purpose because it’s a threat to its Google Hangouts service.

Perhaps we’ll explore that particular angle in another post. For now, enjoy the show.

Triberr Primer

Hosted by Rachel Thompson.

Links to few of the posts references in the interview:

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