Top 5 Most Awesomest Personalized News Apps

You may be missing out on a whole lot of crucial business information and not knowing it. That is, if you’re consuming news the same way you did in 2010. Personalized news is transforming delivery of information. And you get to decide who wins the war for your attention.

Whether you’re a small business owner who sells boating tools, or a sports marketing company looking for the latest trends, aggregation is the new way of consuming content. Instead of reading your favorite articles directly from websites, you can now do so in the most efficient and beautiful way. Here are a few apps that truly come alive and keep you well-informed about your industry.

1. Zite

I’ve written about Zite before here. But I’ll break it down in more detail. Zite curates content based on algorithms. Its FAQ page says:

Zite makes it easy by tapping into your Google Reader and Twitter history and paying attention to how you interact with the articles you read. Zite gets to know you better and better over time.

Below is a screenshot of stories aggregated based on my interests.

 While the experience can be customized, a good amount of info comes from Facebook and/or Twitter to determine general interests.


Ever since sharing an umbrella with a employee on a rainy Austin street during SXSW, has been on my radar.

Like the other apps, is available on the iPhone for free:

How people find, read, and talk about news is changing. At we’re focused on building applications that both take advantage of and accelerate that change. We believe that the future of news includes smart algorithms, smart networks, and smart editors.

3. Pulse

Pulse recently announced its “Premium Sources” feature for only $.99/month. Small price to pay for premium digital content. And it’s not just any premium content. Pulse partnered with The Wall Street Journal. Its print subscription came with a hefty price. Paying pennies a day is a great bargain.

The recipe for delighting users when they buy digital content on mobile devices is simple: make it painless, straightforward, and affordable.

4. Flipboard

Flipboard is the world’s first social magazine. It was first available exclusively on the iPad. But it became available on the iPhone on December 7th. If you haven’t experienced it yet, download it now. It’s free. And added bonus: Flipboard partnered with The New York Times (another paper that’s forward-thinking with digital content delivery).

5. Prismatic

Prismatic is designed to help you branch out from what you’re already seeing. Discover new niche interests by tapping on interest links and exploring from the main menu. Prismatic hopes to create a new category of social news:

Prismatic works by monitoring all the links that are shared on Twitter — yes, all of them — then sifting through your own personal Twitter feed and the people you follow to determine the best content to show you.

Do you use any of these news apps to consume news about your business? What are some of your must-haves? Please leave comments below.