Today I Want You To Go Someplace Else

The Triberr Community started right here on DIY Blogger about 3 months ago.

I’ve written a post that is published on Danny Brown’s blog about how Triberr came about, the challenges we’re facing as a young startup, and the ways in which we are ensuring that the Triberr platform continues to thrive.

I think that many young entrepreneurs will identify with the challenges and could share their wisdom in how they addressed those challenges.

So, today, I dont want you to hang out on DIYB. I want you to go to Danny Brown’s house and share your thoughts in the guest post I wrote for him that came straight from the gut.

Go to Fucking and Punching: The Moody Side of Business

Dino Dogan

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  • Bas Helderman

    Somplace.. Nice mister teaching-us-how-to-blog 🙂

    • Dino Dogan

      Oy…what a dummy I am. Thnx Bas, its fixed now. 

  • Ryan Critchett

     Definitely a quality article with a lot of great entrepreneur juice. 

  • Black Seo Guy

    Dino..good look bro because Danny is one of the good guys online..I will check it out..

    “Black Seo Guy “Signing Off” 

    • Danny Brown

      And I even let him cuss it up – let’s see Mashable do that, hehe 😉

      Cheers, Antonio, much appreciated sir. 

      • The JackB

        That’s authentic Dino or so it seems to me. 

      • Mark Harai

        You can definitely get your cuss on over there – hehe! 

    • Dino Dogan

      I used to like @dannybrown:twitter but I dont any more. Ever since he published my article on his blog AND went with the original headline, I just plain old LOVE the guy. 

  • Erica Allison

     Saw it there yesterday…will head over for comments today! First read – it was a great one!  

    Hey, nice YouTube plug in over there —> like the subscribe button option.  May have to blatantly copy that!

    • Dino Dogan

      Are you talking about the Look Ma! I’m on YouTubes” thing? 

      I stole that from @elisesreview:twitter blog…so by all means…feel free to rip it off from mine 🙂

      btw…the reason your post is taking so long is because my trusty sidekick Stacey is unavailable …so she couldnt set up your post…Im working on it tho…next week for sure 🙂

  • Eugene Farber

    Can’t resist anything referencing Californication. I’ll be right over…

    • research paper writers

       wanted to say absolutely the same) thanks!

  • Jens P. Berget

     Interesting title 🙂

  • Tony Tran

    I also need to going to some place else.