This Marketing Strategy is NOT for You! – Video

In 1969, when the largest clothing retailer in the USA opened its doors for the first time, they captured their entire marketing strategy in their name, which consists of three little letters.


Gap, as in “generational gap”. Gap as in “these are not your father’s jeans” gap.

This was during the time when the generational gap was perhaps at its deepest and widest in the history of the human race. The WWII generation on one side of the chasm, and hippie generation on the other.

Throughout the entire human history, the “Generational Gap” didn’t exist. Both young and old were exposed to the same cultural elements. The “invention” of Generational Gap as a concept emerged along with commercialization of goods which required marketers to “separate” target demographics into young and old.

By rejecting one demographic (WWII generation), GAP was automagically embraced by the opposing generation. The youth of the late 1960s.

This rejection marketing strategy is illustrated in the video below using 3 examples that will make you a pro at Rejection Marketing. If I were you, I wouldn’t watch it 🙂

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  • dixonge

    I’m not watching this video for a few different reasons:

    1 – Everyone else is asleep and I don’t have my earbuds with me;

    2 – You told me not to

    3 – I hate the whole ‘tweet to view’ thing. Hate it!

    • dino_dogan

      It’s really really god..but I cant make you 🙂 @dixonge

  • wonderoftech

    I find I do better in life when I follow Dino’s advice, so I’m not watching the video. Resisting temptation is tough, but I believe in Dino!

    • dino_dogan

      Isnt it funny how hard we have to fight it when someone rejects us? We just want them even more. Male/female courtship battle played out within the realm of product selling and branding. We are such simple animals 🙂 @wonderoftech

      • wonderoftech

        @dino_dogan Good point. We want what we can’t have.

        Trying to resist. Willpower waning…

  • Chrisina_Loyd

    The Dr. Pepper example was kinda dumb. I’m not sure if they want me to drink Dr. Pepper or not. The Planet Fitness example was amazing. I found them funny before but now I also find them insidious 🙂 And of course, I loved the DeadSpace example because, well, I love DeadSpace.

    So when is this book going to be out?

    • dino_dogan

      Ditto on Dr. Pepper. It doesnt make me want to drink it either, so a def #fail in my mind.

      As for the book, I have no idea, but Im working on it 🙂


  • dino_dogan

    @socialmouths nice new pic, to go with #NewNewTwtter no doubt 🙂

    • socialmouths

      @dino_dogan just trying to keep up with all these good looking people on my dashboard man…

  • Lewis LaLanne aka Nerd #2

    Polarizing positioning is not embraced by those who fear rejection. But most of the time these fearful people never realize that the people rejecting them would’ve never gave them money in the first place.

    i just barely finished watching a documentary on Hugh Hefner – “Playboy, Activist, and Rebel”. There are some huge marketing lessons to be had in his, “This ain’t your daddy’s magazine” story. But what I feel makes the Playboy brand stronger than the GAP brand is not the titties and ass. It’s the personality that Hef wove into the articles – The Playboy Philosophy – if you will. This is what I believe has helped this brand endure even among the slew of competitors competing on more skin.

    It’s scary to polarize but it’s oh so necessary in a crowded market. Great reminder here of this lesson Dino!

    • dino_dogan

      I never noticed this “titties and ass” component of Playboy, I only read it for its articles :-p hehe

      On a serious note, I always felt partial to Hustler because it took Playboy Philosophy to the Nth degree. And that appeals to the “push the envelope” part of my personality. Also, the dude got shot for it and you have to respect that. @Lewis LaLanne aka Nerd #2

    • dino_dogan

      Oh…I know what vexes me about Hef. Playboy brand was cool as hell, but then he got old and it became pathetic. Thats what killed Playboy brand for me. Which brings up an important question. Will the same thing happen to Virgin when Richard Bronson kicks the bucket?

      Some Founders have such strong presence that they overshadow the Brand. This could happen to Apple but it wont happen to Microsoft. It wont happen to Starbucks but it might happen to ….who? @Lewis LaLanne aka Nerd #2

  • dino_dogan

    @ginnykent thank you for retweeting that. Im experimenting with Tweet Per do you like it?

  • jshe

    @AskAaronLee Helle, how is my favorite friend from Malaysia ? Hope life has neen sweet….

  • RebeccaHappy

    @PamMktgNut hey pam do you do a lot of video marketing?

  • LauLau81

    The post you have her is really helpful and I am thankful for sharing it then…

  • LauLau81

    The post you have her is really helpful and I am thankful for sharing it then…

  • wmwebdes

    Love it Dino

    “This book is not for you”

    Perefect title.

    Dino – brilliant video.

    • dino_dogan

      thnx 🙂

      How did it feel to have to pay (with a tweet) in order to view it?


      • wmwebdes


        No problem Dino.

        A tweet only takes a second or two.

        • dino_dogan

          I agree. And at the same time, it’s a HUGE culture shift for blog readers who are accustomed to getting their fix for free. Submitting a small sacrifice in the form of a tweet (or email address, or something else…) is a significant paradigm shift.

          Or maybe I’m just overthinking it 🙂 @wmwebdes

        • dixonge

          @dino_dogan@wmwebdes DAMMit……ok, I’m gonna click. You’d better hope I don’t hate it! LOL

      • John_Hoff

        Hey Dino, well it worked. I saw Keith’s tweet, headed over, and tweeted it to watch the video. Loved the commercials. Great examples. A lot of times marketers, such as myself, practice “unmarketing”, we just don’t explicitly say it. Good reminder that’s it’s okay to say it sometimes.

        Two things, though. Not sure I’m totally digging this commenting system. How the heck do I leave a comment. Really difficult (seeing the Post As button below makes me want to run). Also, I clicked on your Twitter icon above and it took me to some page, I was expecting Twitter. I’m still unsure how to follow you and thus would of but am not. I’m a bit lost here.


        • wmwebdes


          Hi John

          Glad you came over.

          Didn’t realise anyone actually read my stuff on twitter. LOL

          I found Dino some time ago but then lost contact – just found him again.

          Forgot how good he is….

          Hear what you say about Livefyre comments.

          If you find it difficult, what about the average blogger!

          I’ve just installed Livefyre on my new site, but I’m still in two minds.

          Decisions, decisions?

          I know that you don’t use twitter much for marketing, but I’m starting to think that it looks pretty good.

          Am I kidding myself?

        • dino_dogan

          @wmwebdes@John_Hoff Twitter for Marketing. Yes. But it’s like everything else. You have to put time in to get something out and you have to know how to do it.

          Im doing a kind of Twitter Marketing experiment in January. 10 000 followers in 30 days. Brand new account. A total nobody. Sheer technique and guts.

          I wonder if I should publish new posts to update on how the account is doing on daily or weekly basis…or somewhere in between?

          I think daily might make it look more authentic and real. Thoughts?

        • wmwebdes


          Is the experiment simply to get 10,000 followers in 30 days or to sell products / get subscribers via those followers in 30 days?

          I’m trying to pull people over to affiliate links via twitter and obviously the more followers I have the better the chances of pulling people over.

          I would be interested in following how you go about it and what results you get.

          10, 000 is a lot of followewrs for a “nobody” so I’d be impressed if you did it.

          Cheers Dino

        • dino_dogan

          @wmwebdes@John_Hoff The goal is to gain social proof through numbers. Thats it.

          The point of the mindless exercise 🙂 is to address the fear many of my clients have shown over the years. Which is also THE obstacle from getting people onto Twitter to be used as a marketing channel.

          The fear Im talking about is the one where established businesses are really really scared to have 9 followers. Or to get on twitter and have no one follow them at all.

          Everyone knows what to do -or at least everyone thinks they know- once you have 10 thousand or 100 thousand followers. But until you get to that point you look like a loser. Hence the need for social proof.

          Secondarily, maybe the point is to show that numbers dont really matter, we -as humans- just think they do.

          Either way….it should be interesting and perhaps even little bit compelling with just a hint of drama 🙂

        • wmwebdes


          Go for it Dino, I love a bit of drama.

          So that’s what businesses are scared of… having no followers.

          Never thought of that.

          Guess you can’t tell us who you are when you start the experiment.

        • dino_dogan

          @wmwebdes@John_Hoff The same question was raised here as well

          One of the concerns regarding fair play was to not use my name, Triberr clout or any of my existing “status”. And the answer is no. It will be a totally new account, no affiliation with me what so ever, and for fairness purposes I wouldnt disclose what account it is until the very end. Of all the options, I think only that makes sense.

        • John_Hoff

          When I see a person has a huge following on Twitter, the first thing I typically look at is how many people they are following. If they have a huge following, say 30,000 people but they are only following 1500 people…

          That’s when I start wondering, “Wow, this person must be interesting and have something people want.”

          It’s kind of like that “scarcity” thing.

          I notice though that many people who have huge followings often times are following more people than following them. I’ve been on Fiverr a lot lately and there are a number of people advertising to get you thousands of followers but they need access to your account.

          I believe what they are doing is auto following people and there’s a large number of people on Twitter who automatically will follow people who follow them.

          Not saying that’s necessarily what you’re doing, it’s just something I noticed and my reaction (what I look for) when I see large followings.

          Good luck with the test. Hopefully it will turn out insightful and useful.


        • dino_dogan

          @John_Hoff@wmwebdes It’s funny how our minds work, isnt it? High followers – low following numbers, and we think the person is interesting or something lol

        • wmwebdes


          I always check the follower / followers ratio and make roughly thye same assumptions as John – thought it was just me.

          So that’s the plan… don’t follow anybody back and we will be seen as important.

          I also check the number of tweets, if it’s low, I don’t follow.

        • dixonge

          @wmwebdes@dino_dogan@John_Hoff That’s it – I’m unfollowing ALL of yas….cuz I’m that important! 🙂

        • wmwebdes


          Nice one. LOL

        • John_Hoff

          Damn. We were asking for it, weren’t we? @dixonge @wmwebdes @dino_dogan

  • tessmac

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