The right way to invite someone into your Atomic Tribe

orbit of atomic tribe

Atomic tribes (sometimes known as Automatic Tribes) are a special kind of tribe owned by Triberr premium members (aka Primes) where only the Chief’s content is shared.

ATs make sharing completely frictionless, but they are not for everyone. They are really only for superfans and employees.

So, what is the right way to invite someone into your Atomic Tribe?

The Right Way

A subtle call to action on the bottom of the post, in the form of a text, the way Adam C. did it in this post. (see image below)

invite to atomic tribe

A very bold and obvious call to action the way I did it in this post. (see image below)

invite to atomic tribe 2

Or you can adorn your blog with call to atomic action like so.

invite to atomic tribe 3

Emailing your list and asking them to join your Atomic Tribe is perfectly acceptable, as long as they understand only the Chief’s content gets shared.

Those are just some of the ways in which you can build your AT. So, pretty much anything goes as long as your audience knows what they’re signing up for. And since ATs are a new thing, the onus of responsibility of explaining its powerful features is on the owner, aka the Chief, of the tribe.

The Wrong Way

The wrong way to invite someone to your Atomic Tribe is to tweet them to join your “premium” tribe.

not an invite to atomic tribe

People seeing those tweets will assume it’s a regular tribe and will join. In fact, the reason I’m writing this post is because my girlfriend joined one such tribe.

The life of a Startup Founder is glamourous until your girlfriend yells at you for not building your platform “the right way”. So you can go thank Jillian for having me write this post.

Speaking of Atomic Tribes, I would appreciate it if you considered joining mine. Click to learn more.


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  • Daniel Melbye

    Thanks Dino. I think one of the challenges is that it is so new. Also premium tribes are not visible inside Triberr either when you explore or look at profiles. Also when people are sent to a group to sign up it is not necessarily clear. Great ideas for promotion of groups

    • Dino Dogan

      All of that is true, Daniel. None the less, the onus of responsibility of explaining AT features is on the owner, aka the Chief, of the tribe.

      • Daniel Melbye

        Is there any way to share these tribes inside Triberr without using external channels?

  • Jason Ramsey

    Great post Dino. I just upgraded to Prime, so this will be helpful

  • Jason Ramsey

    is there any branded ‘atomic tribe’ collateral we can use?

    • Daniel Melbye

      Yes that would be awesome

    • Dino Dogan

      Not yet.

      We plan on creating a “Like my Facebook Page” type widget, but for now, make a graphic of your own. And if you need help with it, lemme now.