The Process of Innovation Any Business Can Adopt Right Now

Asexual reproduction is more energy efficient and yet lot less common than sexual reproduction.

A small aquatic crustacean called Daphnia, also known as water flea, reproduces asexually.

When times are good, Daphnia produces an all female offspring that is an exact genetic clone of the parent.

When times are good, asexual reproduction is the most energy efficient way of production.

When times are good, there is no need to change.

When times are good, there is no need to innovate.

But when times are bad…

When times are bad, Daphnias start producing males and switch to reproducing sexually.

This results in sturdier eggs and allows for genetic mutations between genetically dissimilar pairs to create novel connections and genetically diverse offspring.

Daphnias are betting that some of this genetically diverse offspring will be well suited to meet new challenges and survive to produce future generations.

The practice of switching reproduction from asexual (aka Parthenogenesis) to sexual is known as Heterogamy.

Is your business Daphnia?

What is YOUR method of reproduction?

Overpopulation may be one side effect of asexual reproduction.

Do you need to make some novel connections?

In challenging times, organizations (biological or institutional) need new connections, genetic diversity and flow of new ideas if they are to survive.

There is no better tool for infusing diversity into an organism other than Social Media.

Can your business benefit from novel connections?

Can your business benefit from the infusion of new ideas?

Be careful how you answer these questions. Make sure you’re not giving the answer you need, instead, give the answer your business needs.

You might want to keep things the way they are but will your business survive or even be born asexually?

Do you think it’s too late, or too hard to change?

If Sharks Can Do It, So Can You.

One of the most ancient and most established species that has gone unchanged for ages are sharks.  And yet, there are even examples of asexual reproduction in sharks.

Hammerheads that had reached sexual maturity in captivity and in the absence of males have produced genetically identical offspring. Source:Wikipedia

So today’s lesson in business is this.

The best way to innovate is to create as many new connections as possible. Social Media provides a perfect platform for generating these new connections. And these new connections will lead to innovation and survival of your business in these tough times.

Or to put it bluntly. If you want your business to thrive, you must fuck or die.

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  • Julie Nutter

    You know what? You need to quit being such a good blogger. I’ve been trying (and by “been trying” I mean this afternoon…) to read other SM blogs, and I’ve all but fallen asleep. Yeah, they have some really good advice.
    I don’t freaking care. I don’t care if they’re smart. I don’t care if they know it all. I don’t care if their advice could make me lotsa $$$. They’re freaking boring. I can’t stand boring. Which means. I really can’t stand bloggers. If I want to be bored by experts, I’ll buy a book.
    In that, I love the way you always have a great metaphor, some odd fun correlation, to assist your tale or your point. AND you get to the point. KISS! (<—No, I'm not blowing you a kiss. I mean "keep it short and simple." Which you do).
    Although, I think this blog post is pretty funny…. But if someone else had written it, I'd probably be insulted. (What??? I have delicate sensibilities…sometimes…) I actually like the way you can basically say anything and make it mean something…interesting. Or that makes me stop and go. He just said that. No. He really did. Really. …..
    *falls over laughing*

    love the post, as you well know

    • Dino Dogan

      ROTFLMAO…gracias, gracias..much appreciated 🙂 Im glad you like it so much 🙂

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  • Leon Widrich

    I can only agree to this and the wealth of good connections I am experiencing is only proof to the above. Seeing Social Media as a driver of innovation has never crossed my mind though. Now that I think of it, hell yes it is one! So many ideas and feedback coming in, with comparably so little effort to undertake to get this information. If that’s not innovation. What is?
    Great read Dino. 🙂

    • Dino Dogan

      Digging in the archive I see? lol Good, Im glad. Novel connections = new ideas. This holds true in life as well as in our own brain. And this Social Web is certainly a driver for these novel connections. I dont think we need to go any further than you and I my friend. I enjoyed our conversation last night 🙂