The New Triberr Design: Unfurled

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For the last 2 years, Triberr has focussed on creating innovative ways for getting your blog content in front of a greater audience.

We started with peer-based content distribution, but we quickly added one-click syndication of your content to other blogs.

And the truly innovative piece wasn’t the ease and simplicity with which you can acquire fresh content for your blog, but we created a way to syndicate comments as well. So when you ReBlog a post, you also get comments along with it.

Triberr Comment System is the only one that can syndicate comments.

…And Now!

All of that is well and good, but in 2013, we are focusing on something that will truly enable YOU to shine. Usability.

We know Triberr has lacked certain sleekness of the design. If you ever ask yourself “what is this?”, or “how do I do X?”, then we have failed to make it easy and intuitive enough. All of that is changing now.

We are rolling out a complete design overhaul and it will be available only to a select group of bloggers, which includes you.

Here is a list of awesome new design features that will make Triberr even more amazing for you.

Sticky Top Nav

sticky nav bar triberr new designThe most important and most accessed parts of the site are now always visible.

Your Tribal Stream, your Tribes, and Bonfires are the 3 most accessed areas of Triberr. So we made them sticky.

This is not a revolutionary design feature. After all, Twitter and Facebook both have it, but in terms of usability and navigation we believe it will make navigation truly easy and intuitive.

No-Click Approvals

no click approval new triberr design

Dan Cristo came up with something truly innovative that will help all of us avoid repetitive motion stress syndrome at least. At most, it may even prevent few cases of Carpal tunnel .

We all spend a ton of time clicking on things. Why?

Why not simply hover over the Approve button and the button simply knows that your intention is to approve that post for sharing? Well, that’s exactly what Dan has done for us. Thank you, Dan.

This is a truly innovative design piece. It’s better, faster, easier way of taking action. This also signals the direction in which we want to take Triberr.

We want to make blogger’s lives easier. We want bloggers to get more our of doing less. You focus on writing amazing content, we will focus on getting you eyeballs and making things that you already do much, much easier.

Infinite Streaming

infinite stream new triberr design

No more “Next” button at the bottom of your stream.

This is another design element we borrowed from Twitter and Facebook. Infinite scrolling.

It’s a modern design element that just makes sense for all sites. Pinterest is also using it, as well as some newer blog themes, which is definitely a welcomed change over the “Older Posts” link to older pages.

Improved Reading Experience

improved reading experience new triberr design

We believe that the blogosphere is divided into two classes. The creative class and the consumers of creativity.

Bloggers fit squarely into the creative class bucket, and as such, they should be treated with respect and reverence. We do this by not forcing other bloggers to close out pop-ups, be distracted with noisy sidebar, and be forced to read a tiny font.

We made the new Read-Window truly conducive to content consumption. We draw the shades, make the font big and readable, and we make it easy to Approve and comment on the post.

Author-Centric Stream

author centric tribal stream

One of the greatest side-effects of Triberr is that it facilitates connections amongst bloggers. So, it is not without a sense of appropriate irony that we’ve created a post-specific Author-box in the new Triberr sidebar.

We’ve made it really easy to get to know your fellow tribemates by illuminating the most relevant information as it pertains to the author and you.

We are showing the author’s publishing stats, sharing stats, most recent posts, short bio, social profiles, shared tribes, and anything else you guys tell us makes sense to bring to surface.

February 18th

Starting on February 18th, we will be rolling out this brand new Triberr experience.

Our Prime subscribers will get the first glimpse of it, followed by a gradual release to Triberr population in March.

If you would like to share Triberr’s new look with your audience, here are few high resolution images to make it easy.

It was your feedback over the last 2 years that drove much of the development on Triberr, and we are looking forward to making this year an amazing one for all of us.

Dino Dogan

Global Force for Badassery | Founder of Triberr | Refugee from Bosnia | Writer for Technorati | Speaker | Lousy Martial Artist | Pretty good singer/songwriter | Hi 🙂

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