The Day The Blogosphere Stood Still

On the 25th Of July 2011 something special took place around the web. Bloggers and online entrepreneurs came together to shut down the market place for one day and share a little bit about who they are. And share they did. The response to both this call to action and to each other; was simply amazing.

People put business, marketing and agenda aside; and shared with an honesty, depth and courage I really did not expect.

So I asked  Dino  (who was brave enough to host my mad cap idea over on his blog) how well he thought the day went, his response went like this:

“I think #NA went off pretty well. We didn’t break any records but it wasn’t a tree that fell in the forest and no one was there to hear it.

So, I would declare it a moderate success. I think what we do from now is important. This could turn into a movement 🙂

Firstly, although I can see the perspective from which he made this response, I’d have to respectfully – DISAGREE!!!

From where I’m standing…

#NicheAmnesty was a Big-Ass Super-Cool, Freaking Success!

Whilst it may not have reached the numbers my vision set out to, those it did reach and whom the idea did resonate with; contributed with such gusto and enthusiasm that I felt the energy multiplied to the power of 10.

It was like any good party….

Not in the slightest bit about those who didn’t turn up, but ONLY about those who did!

If my cruise around the blogs that took part in #NicheAmnesty is anything to go by, the party was going off and people where having a damn good time – for days might I add. People where still getting involved in #NicheAmnesty as late as July 28th!

#NicheAmnesty far from sucked, we totally rocked it and I think we all succeeded tremendously in co-hosting this shindig. If you agree, please show your agreement by retweeting this post and your own post to your followers.

The shared stories/experiences and level of openness I saw in the banter people were having in the comments; was truly heart warming and enlightening. It also demonstrated to me the level of humanity and interest in others there is amongst us bloggers.

Some may call bloggers narcissistic, but I saw a lot of humility going on and #NicheAmnesty proved to me once and for all; that bloggers and online entrepreneurs really are a caring, diverse and dynamic bunch, and yes, “Online friends do matter”, but it’s down to you just how much.

I want to say a massive Thank You for all of who showed up to the party bearing gifts. The gifts of : truth, integrity and friendship. Without YOU #NicheAmnesty would have gone down like a ‘big oak tree in an empty forest’!

I’d like to share my 10 favourite posts (in no particular order) and encourage all those who took part to share a link to their post in the comments section here, so that we can all have a chance to get round to any we may have missed.

The calls to keep the momentum of #NicheAmnesty flowing have not fallen on deaf ears either, so keep reading to see how I intend to keep the buzz and community we created during this day going.

I hope you’ll come and be part of this new platform to keep the spirit of #NicheAmnesty, very much alive!

Without any more of my Jibber Jabber, here are my 10 favourite contributions:

Amber Lee-Dibble : This hard working, horse back riding wife, mother and all round dynamo, has been living in the badlands of Alaska for 19 years and wears pinks chaps. Need I say more! Amber appeared on my radar fairly recently but I’ve come to really enjoy her presence, she’s a character in the best possible way. This was an all round great read.

Erica Allison: The picture she shared of herself with her children warmed my heart and as you will see; it touched others. There was something so incredibly tender about this picture that it’s stuck in my mind to this day. Erica might be a fierce business women, but she is also one soft hearted mama.

Bonnie Squi: I think it’s fair to say this post had an incredible impact on everyone who read it. Sad, moving, but not in the least bit self-pitying, Bonnie showed us that she is able to triumph above all adversities and that she “has love enough for the whole world”. I had tears in my eyes when I finished reading. Bonnie is an inspiration to me and to us all.

Marianne Worley: Marianne’s Harry Potter references went way over my head as I’ve never seen any of the films, ditto for reading the books. But her tale of what it was like to be bought up and feel like the outsider, and be the ‘1/2’ sister to all these full siblings; really struck a cord in me. This was a brave and beautiful share. Marianne rocked it!

Stan Faryna: When I first started blogging and seeing Stan’s comments everywhere, I found him scary, intimidating even. I wasn’t sure what to make of him. Then I realised what I was reacting to was a fierce intelligence and the integrity to say what needs to be said, or what he feels will best benefit you. It was at that stage I began to really appreciate and respect this dynamic man. Now..Stan’s giving away the farm..literally..but you must pay postage and package!

Chrysta Bairre: Chrysta was a late arrival to the party. I was just glad that she came, and come she did; with a beautifully simple but well constructed and delivered post. Heck, she even rides a scooter and as a fellow scooter rider, this endeared her to me instantly.

Elena Patrice: This was one of the first #NicheAmnesty posts that I saw and I loved it. Elena’ lively and engaged response to the questions asked, showed what a total pro she is when working the video medium. The badge bigger than her head, gave me such a chuckle also. Elena then proved the spirit of #NicheAmensty when on discovering my video dramas, she broke a nail (not literally) trying to help me sort my tech problems out. Can I mention she’s also a totally hottie!

Dan Perez: Hmm..a hard call, but I had to include this one. I found Dan’ reluctant share a little arrogant, cheeky or as I described it “A bit like catching a one off episode of Family Guy and thinking WTF”. However by the end, Dan had won me over. I felt the love, respect and admiration for his wife (an incredible woman by anyone’s estimation), overflowing in his words. He reminded me of the deep love I have for my own sister who has overcome such great odds.

Adrienne Smith: I’d heard Adriennes praises ring out across the blogsphere before but had never had much of a chance to interact. This will change as a result of #NicheAmnesty. Adrienne is spunky, funny, full of life, vitality and courage. She knows how to engage and include her readers and when she communicates with you, you can tell it’s from the heart.

Caroyln Nicander Mohr: You could tell Caroyln had a great time at the #NicheAmnesty party. She worked the room, showed us her special flavour and I’m sure made a few new connections whom will go on to become friends in the future. I think Carolyn’s great. She has an infectious energy and that cheery smile that hits you as soon as you enter her online space, is a winner. The fact that she can talk about ‘all things tech’ in such a knowledgeable way; makes her a superwoman in my book.

So that’s it, I wont keep you any longer other than to say –  “If you want to know what’s next for #NicheAmnesty, come over right now and find out all about it“.

Other wise let us know your experience of the day:

  • What did you like about #NicheAmnesty
  • Name one person you will be keeping in contact with as a result of #NicheAmnesty
  • What was your  favourite #NicheAmnesty post



Stacey Herbert

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  • Dino Dogan

    Geez didnt have to put me on the spot…am I going to have to preface our convos with “this is off the record”? lol

    Just kidding of course…you did an amazing job conceiving this whole thing, executing and following through. Im proud to have you in my corner 🙂

    • Dino Dogan

      Also, how do you address the critics who say that some who have participated are not included on your list?

      Exhibit A:



      • Stacey Herbert

        Ah well… I would address the critics who may say that (Dino) saying I choose to select my ‘top 10’ so as to write a post and not a book!…and I encouraged all those who did take part…and yes..I’m pretty sure I know who they share their links here with there Dino, lol.

         I’m also hoping that this will give me/everyone a chance to locate any I may have missed. As for not including yours… well….I’m preserving the size of your head. Just call me the 4th emergency service : )

        • Dino Dogan

          lol..consider my head long past the Best By date 🙂

    • Stacey Herbert

      Yeah, you  probably need to include “this is off the record”…you know what my big mouth is like : ) ….sorry….eekkkkkk

  • Erica Allison

    Thanks for including my post on this list, @twitter-255459565:disqus and for including the others. I read about half and now will hit the rest of them! The link for  @danperezfilms:twitter   post is broken, by the way.  I did a search and found it and after tearing up…and after confirming that I am in fact an organ donor!  Thanks!  Job well done.

    • Stacey Herbert

      Hi Erica..I tried to fix that link a few times..I’m figuring there maybe some ‘no follow’ thing going on as it keeps…deading out??? People are managing to find the post though and it’s touching them I’ll leave it included : )   It was my pleasure to include you in this round up, something so simple as a picture can have a profound effect on others…you rock Erica : )

  • Adrienne Smith

    Great post Stacey and thank you so much for including me.  From this list it looks like I only missed a few.  Glad I got the majority visited though and will be sure to meet even more friends from this experience.  I think you opened up a can of worms with this one and a lot of my blogging friends are now eager to share more about them with us all.  I’m really looking forward to that.

    Oh, and I loved your post Dino.  Don’t feel left out!  🙁

    • Stacey Herbert

      Hi Adrienne, including you was a no brainer….your a superbly warm lady. I love that quality in a person…where the warmth and goodness of them radiates out…Keep being amazing.xx

  • Stan Faryna

    Just like moons and like suns,
    With the certainty of tides,
    Just like hopes springing high,
    Still I’ll rise.

    – Maya Angelou

    I see a leader, a queen, and a force of nature… rising.

    • Stacey Herbert

      Why thank you Stan…I’ve always been a force of nature.. but it’s high time I embraced my queen-ness, and became the leader of none…but the influencer of many…. Your encouragement and enthusiasm mean an awful lot. Hows it going with sharing your things with the world? 

      • Amber-Lee Dibble

        Stacey (yes, I know) you ARE a leader, a queen, by GOD! yes, a force of nature… When I watched your show, I knew. You are a beautiful soul as well.

  • Marianne Worley

    I thought #NicheAmnesty day was just what we needed. I learned so much about so many amazing people in one day. Everyone was so courageous–that made me feel so much better about being so honest in my post. I hope we can all start doing this regularly. It’s nice to take a day off from business as usual!

    • Stacey Herbert

      Hey Marianne. Me was a refreshing day…an eye opening day. I had no clue what I was going to find with each was like going on an adult treasure hunt, lol. I hope you’ll be part of #NicheAmnesty. TV too…if everyone gets on board..I can see it being a metric ton of fun

  • Stan Faryna

    Dan has some things to work through. And he’s going to need to work through it – if he wants to be an effective spokesman for organ donor registrations. The courage and awesomeness of his wife should have taught him something (hell, lots of things), but that isn’t obvious.

    Consider the sales pitch

    I don’t give a shit about you. But you should register your organ for harvesting (in case you die soon) because someone I give a shit about… needed organs.

    Yup. That needs work.

    I hear my friend Jack King in my head, and Jack is telling me that Dan needs love.

    So let’s work on the sales pitch. It starts like this…

    I give a shit about you. Because someone gave a shit about someone I give a shit about. And I am thankful beyond words that my wife got the organs she needed from people – not organ farms.

    Now, Dan, you finish it. Show some love and appreciation. And be thankful.

    • Stacey Herbert

      You know Stan.. I had a difficult reaction to this post too, I couldn’t put my finger exactly on what it was, I thought maybe it was the tone..then I tried to just look past that to the message..and the obvious love Dan has for his wife. But you could have a point… Maybe it’s the sales pitch to become a donor? Hmmmmm I think I like the 2nd one a lot more…

    • Amber-Lee Dibble

      (snort, snicker)

  • Anonymous

    Thank you so much for including me in your top 10, Stacey! This is actually the first time anyone has linked to my blog, and I’m feeling very grateful. (Scooter solidarity!!!!)

    I’m looking forward to spending time with the rest of the 9 #NicheAmnesty entries.


    • Stacey Herbert

      I’m so glad to be your first Chrysta… please pardon my cheeky sense of humour, lol. I remember the first time anyone linked to me and it felt’s nice to pay that forward. When I saw your scooter I was like…weeyyyyyy heyyyyyyyyyy, another one. Sorry I’ve not had a chance to comment as yet..but trust me I will. If you google #nicheamnesty you will be able to see all who took part…there where lots more than 10….

    • Amber-Lee Dibble

      I missed you! I’m me and we haven’t met yet! (..stacey!) I can’t wait to read your #NicheAmnesty. I am new as well and I wanted to say Yeay! for you. I was just mentioned for the first time not too long ago and I know exactly what a feeling it is.

  • Carolyn Nicander Mohr

    Stacey, thank you so much, both for the shoutout and for being the genius and force behind #NicheAmnesty. I definitely made connections through the movement, gained new subscribers and a new Tribe! I discovered some truly awesome bloggers I hadn’t yet met and read some true gems. The ingenuity, openness and warmth that pervaded the posts was inspiring.

    I am so glad you are continuing the movement. I will follow whatever path you lead us on, my friend. I love adventures and you supply them well!

    • Stacey Herbert

      Ya kidding me..all of that from 1 day? That’s amazing…you have proved how infinitely powerful we are when we get together for a common cause. I’m so glad for you. What you say here “The ingenuity, openness and warmth that pervaded the posts was inspiring. “. I’m totally with you on that one.  Thanks for being a supporter of #nicheamnesty and now #NicheAmensty.TV….without you’s just a big, lonely idea : )

  • Anonymous


    BA was a great idea.  I trust it’s going to be annual! 


    • Stacey Herbert

      Hey Paul..I don’t see why not, I think the day was a success for so many people it would be fun to make an event of it. Roll on 25th July 2012, I say.  Thanks for taking part 

  • Ingrid Abboud

    Crap – I’m sorry I missed this Stacey – I was actually travelling then on vacation and just returned today. I’m happy to hear that it was such a great success. I Hope that this thoughtful movement will be an annual one – at least. It’s always nice to learn new things about people we so often interact with.

    Best of luck to you my dear.

    PS – Hola Dino – missed ya 🙂

    • Stacey Herbert

      Hey Ingrid, Hope you had a good holiday. I’ll be carrying on the idea with, a weekly question to viewers…but #nicheamnesty as a ‘show and tell’ day, like we did on the 25th of July should definitely be a annual or Bi annual affair!  Hope to see you take part next time..I agree,  it’s always nice to learn new things about the people we interact with.

  • Elena Patrice

    Hey, when I checked yesterday, I couldn’t comment … so, I’m glad to see the posts here! Whoo hoo! Just wanted to say “thank you” for the privilege once again my friend(s)! Here’s to your amazing greatness and big picture vision! Anything I can to do “further” the vision, just reach out! Abundant kindness, Elena

  • Michele Welch

    🙁  Missed this one… on vaca.  Will be sure to jump in on the next one though! Sounds fantastic.  I love stuff like this… getting a group of people together with one goal in mind and the impact it can have.

    Congrats.  Sounds like you were totally happy with the results Stacey and I’m sure it will only get better. 😉

    • Stacey Herbert

      Hi Michelle, I really was happy with the results..people shared with such enthusiasm,  it was awesome. Continuing the fun in the form of #NicheAmnesty.TV. I hope you will get involved

  • Amber-Lee Dibble

    You, are simply.. WONDERFUL!

    Thank you so very much, for the idea, for bringing us all together, for visiting me, for keeping me laughing and company on Twitter, for the fantastic MENTION HERE!! (tee hee Dino! I dont need no stinkin klout telling you about my vast knowledge in an amazing amount of topics!!) Ok, serious business here. (snort, snicker)

    Alrighty, I met the touching Bonnie through you and #NicheAmnesty and as I really value folks that think about their responses, I try to do the same… I didn’t know what to say. “Bonnie, you really touched my heart.” Seemed, just not ENOUGH… ya know? What could I say? I read other folk’s comments, I’ll have Bonnie on my quick link now, but I still just don’t know what to say.

    Erica’s post was typically (yes, typically) PERFECT! But it wouldn’t have mattered a wit, because you are right, that picture stole the show. Period. What an incredibly, special moment and gift to share.

    Marianne is another through and through Lady. I love everything she shares with us. This was no different. She just seems to make me smile….might be the happy smile looking out at me, but still.

    Stan, well, you and I girl-friend, you and I, we see things, so many things in the same light. He is …different. Very special and incredibly gifted. He is an absolute gift to me, each time I read anything (or listen) he has to share. I feel ..illuminated, being near him, knowing he’s there.

    Dan.. Stacey-  Yes I am an organ donor, yes I believe in the program. I’ll stop right here.

    It is a busy life, but I’m going to go search more out right now and print them so that I can take them with me! And, what was the best part? That one is easy. Getting to spend more time with you.

    • Stacey Herbert

      Hey showed up..awesomeness.. If you google #nichemanesty that’s a great way to get a look at all the people who took part. I’m so glad you did… the fun has only just begun..look out for….making the first episode tomorrow..wish me luck lady, lol

  • Jens P. Berget


    I believe #NicheAmnesty was great. Unfortunately, I was living in a tent at the time, and didn’t have access to electricity or the internet. So, wasn’t able to write anything. But, reading the blog posts, I learned a lot from people that I have really interesting conversations with on a daily basis (like Adrienne and Carolyn).Usually, I have almost exclusive marketing related talks with those people, even though personal relations are important. Now, thanks to #NicheAmnesty I know these brilliant people on a more personal level. It’s true, online friends do matter.Jens

    • Stacey Herbert

      Hey in a tent…camping? I think @NicheAmnesty helped to bring alot of people to a different level of connection with each other, even those that didn’t take part. Next time bro,,,,next time

  • Ana | Traffic Generation Cafe

    Stacey, I missed out too – so sorry! I’m off to Google some more of the awesome posts you are talking about.

    • Stacey Herbert

      Hi Ana, that’s cool, there were some fab posts generated. hope you’ll take part when we host it again

  • Amberr Meadows

    I think it’s amazing that people could put aside the typical day and do something so cool. I hate that I missed “when the day the blogosphere stood still.” Sounds like it was awesome!

    • Stan Faryna

      Amberr, Now the weekends stand still. Stacey continues leading us in sharing ourselves as persons and bloggers through Amnesty TV. Every Friday, Stacey posts a question on her blog. Come join us.

      This weekend’s question is here:

      • Stacey Herbert

        Thanks for sharing the message and enthusiasm Stan- appreciated.xx

    • Stacey Herbert

      Amber it was awesome..but we hang every friday…some come join us through the link in Stans comment. see you there.xx