Take Triberr to the Next Level with Reblogging!

Triberr Reblogging

Have you discovered reblogging on Triberr yet? If not, you’re missing out on a great opportunity provided by Triberr!

Are you:

  • Looking for more exposure for your content?
  • Looking for Guest Blogging opportunities?
  • Hoping that your content might be shared in syndication?
  • Needing more content to publish?
  • Interested in content curation?
  • Wanting to improve your SEO?
  • Trying to increase reader engagement?

If you’re on Triberr already, it’s pretty safe to assume that you’ve answered “yes” to at least one of these  questions, if not all of them – and that reblogging could be your solution!

What is Reblogging?

The Triberr Reblogging option allows you to repost other “Triberr Reblog” member’s content on your blog.

How Does it Work?

You need to be a member of Triberr (free!) and to be using the WordPress.org blogging platform.

Begin by installing the Triberr plugin on your blog.

Now, as you scroll through your Triberr stream, you can identify other “rebloggers” by the inclusion of an image in the introduction to their content, and the “reblog” link in the options at the bottom of the listing.

Identify reblog

To repost an article on your blog, click the “reblog link”, and the article will appear as a “draft” in your list of posts for your blog.

reblog draft

Preview the article and make any formatting changes that are necessary, and “Publish”. The article will appear on your blog, and thanks to the Triberr widget, the author’s bio and a Triberr Comment Box will appear at the bottom of the post.

reblog author bio

Additionally, any comments that appear on ANY copy of this article, from another post or the Triberr platform, will appear as a running commentary stream on all blogs that carry it!

Did Someone Say “SEO Benefits”?

It’s in my nature to view everything from an SEO perspective, and Reblogging definitely offers SEO benefits. As well as providing more fresh content, each reblogged post will provide, at minimum, a link back to the original post from the author’s bio. In addition, any links within the body of the article will also remain live and become backlinks to that content.

Hard to believe it, but Triberr just got even better!

Thanks for reading. As always your comments, questions, or reblogs : ) are welcome and appreciated!

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  • http://www.writehacks.com Mary Collings

    Hi Dino,
    I absolutely love Triberr and have watched my Twitter follower numbers going throught the roof!
    Just one question.
    Is the reblog option no longer offered on Triberr? I watched the YouTube video on how to do it but there are no corresponding buttons on Triberr.
    I read your piece on curated content and wondered if reblogging fell into that category and that’s why it’s been dropped…if it has.
    best wishes

    • http://dinodogan.com/ Dino Dogan

      Hi Mary,

      Unfortunately we had to remove reblog because we couldnt keep up with the development pace of WordPress. We have every intention of bringing it back however., as soon as we can allocate long-term resources towards its development.

  • http://www.writehacks.com Mary Collings

    Wow – thanks for the uber quick reply 🙂
    I hear you on the WordPress issue – mine seems to update on every day that has a “y” in it.
    That’s great news.
    And thanks for making such an amazing platform. I see immediate results and I’ve made some good friends already.
    best wishes