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What Makes People Buy: Your Father’s Genes

Latest research in the original inhabitants of these United States territories postulates that the original “newcomers” were exiles from the Eurasian tribes. 12-17 thousand years ago, it was uncommon for people to be jailed. They were much more likely to be exiled. Murderers and thieves would be exiled across the Beringia, now known as the […]

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Ford’s Newest Marketing Strategy: Buy Camry

I almost fell off the chair when I heard Mike Rowe (of the Dirty Jobs fame) in the latest Ford Fusion commercial with some nameless lady “customer” telling us to BUY CAMRY. WHAT!?!?!? I think this commercial is brand new, I couldn’t find it anywhere online. If someone knows where I can get it, please […]

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What Makes People Buy: Trust

Exchanging money in return for goods and services is ALL about Trust. Four kinds of Trust to be specific. First, both seller and buyer must buy into the illusion that the money we are transacting with is real. Its not. But lets pretend that it is so we can get to the Trust Type number […]

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How to Increase the Sales of Your eBook by 595.6 Percent

During the 1920s and 30s, Emanuel Haldeman-Julius sold more than 200 million books and over 2000 different titles. Let’s just say that the man knew little bit about the book publishing business. Here is one of his secrets. He would place an ad in a newspaper advertising the book using only its title, then he […]

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What Makes People Buy: Identification

How come artists can see larger truths, tell us about them and we still don’t listen? A love the line from Hot Hot Heat’s Le Le Low song about 36 seconds into it when they sing Fashion is feeding us Identification. Give it a listen if you’re not at work and dig high-energy alt rock. […]

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Fear. It’s What’s For Dinner

Really? If we don’t vote for Johnson we will die? Little dramatic, don’t you think? But Dino, I hear you’re saying. Something blatantly fear mongering like this wouldn’t fly today, would it? Watch this. Political ads, safety ads, sure…they’ll use fear. But not to buy products? Oh yeah? Watch this. Fear is a powerful motivator […]

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