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Why I Stopped Commenting On Your Blog

I’m known around these here parts as a commenting fiend. And yet -in the last few weeks or so- I’ve pretty much dropped off the face off the earth. Why? Everyone knows –or at least, everyone ought to know- that commenting is a great way of building relationships with other bloggers AND driving traffic to […]

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3 Master Tribe Strategies to Reach Multiplication

Triberr is an invite only community of bloggers. Every time you publish a new post, everyone in your tribe automagicly tweets it to their followers. Since this is something you’re doing anyway, Triberr simply automates it for you; which gives you more time for real engagement with your blogging and tweeting friends. Once you’ve been […]

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The Age Of Social Media Superstars Is OVER!!!

I remember listening to one of Gary Vee’s talks where he said that he wishes he could erase his Social Media notoriety only so that he could show that the hard work and his passionate approach to marketing would win the day once again. I love Gary, I really do. I think he is on […]

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