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Conversations With Google – Traffic

How come Google is able to make money indexing blog content, and yet bloggers are not able to make money creating content? Something is wrong with the system. It needs to be re-imagined. Embed This Image On Your Site (copy code below): Courtesy of: DIYBloggerNET

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Caught on Tape: Human Engine Optimization at #TribeUpNYC

This was my talk at the TribeUpNYC last weekend. It really felt like home turf. The atmosphere was loose, everyone was super awesome and really having fun enjoying each other’s company. My sessions is about Human Engine Optimization, or to put it in less geeky terms, the human side of SEO. It also covers how regular […]

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Content Is King My Ass

How many of you have great content and 0 traffic? Could it be that we’ve all be misled? Could it be that “Content Is King” phrase is a thought-cutting technique designed to over simplify the way you approach building your website as a business? Content is king the way Burger King king is King. Let’s […]

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