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The Tyranny of Hyperlink Ends Now!

Erping Zhu -Assistant Director, Center for Research on Learning and Teaching at the University of Michigan- conducted an experiment aimed at discerning the effects of hyperlinks on comprehension. Her discovery should be of great interest to anyone delivering content via the Internet. She had a large group of people read the same article but she […]

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How To Climb Your Own Private Everest

What’s YOUR Private Everest? Mine is to be able to make a living writing, making music and movies. But mostly I want to be able to do whatever I feel like doing at the moment. 9 to 5 drudgery is no way to spend a lifetime. Once I realized that, all the money in the […]

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Can a Specialty Shop Selling Superpowers and Underground Lairs Turn Profit?

A small, specialty shop, catering only to wannabe superheroes is unlikely to thrive in a rural area or even a small town. It’s too specific and too narrow. There are simply too few prospects living in rural areas who are on the market for saving damsels in distress and fighting off evil geniuses. However, Superhero […]

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