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How to Increase the Sales of Your eBook by 595.6 Percent

During the 1920s and 30s, Emanuel Haldeman-Julius sold more than 200 million books and over 2000 different titles. Let’s just say that the man knew little bit about the book publishing business. Here is one of his secrets. He would place an ad in a newspaper advertising the book using only its title, then he […]

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Nudgemail: What a Cool Idea for Your Business

This neat little service came to my attention this morning via always venerable Chris Brogan. I was so stoked about it that I tested it immediately and decided to write up a little how-to guide for the not-so technically inclined. At first, there was an idea. Nudgemail: A tied piece of string around your finger. […]

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Video Blogging Quickstart Guide

Everything you ever wanted to know about video blogging but were afraid to ask will be in this Video Blogging Quickstart Guide. It’s Quickstart not because it lacks depth but because my goal was to eliminate a lot of the nonsense and unnecessary complexity inherent in the subject and give you a quick and dirty. […]

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The Amazing Rise and The Spectacular Fall of Mr. Propaganda

Follow Edward Bernays, the father of Propaganda, as he gives birth to Public Relations, rises to the top of the steaming pile of marketing heap only to have his methods fail as they encounter the Social Media juggernaut. Can some of his methods still be used? They were effective once but can they be applied […]

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Ignore Everybody and 20 Other Keys to Business and Social Media Success

Part 1: Based on a brilliantly delivered book Ignore Everybody and 39 Other Keys to Creativity (Amazon Affiliate Link) by Hugh MacLeod. Key No 1. Ignore Everybody. We care WAY TOO MUCH what other people think. We are conditioned to care about what other people think. After all, we are social animals and our very […]

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WiseStamp: Are You Leveraging Ancient Technologies to Improve Your Social Media Standing?

The ancient technology I am referring to is email of course. The idea is simple. You wouldn’t hand out a business card (another ancient technology) without your phone number on it, right? So why would you “hand out” your email without your Social Media contact information in it? Here is what your email signature might […]

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