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Reverse Engineering Dead Space Commercial

It’s rare to see a marketing campaign executed well. The folks behind the Dead Space 2 commercial did a superb job in defining both their audience and strategy, and then they executed 30 seconds of pure marketing genius. We can all learn from this and in this post, we spend some time dissecting their strategy […]

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Reverse Engineering the MGD 64 Beer Commercial

Today we ride on a horse of a different color. MGD 64 beer commercial is playing into one of our deepest drives while maintaining a very light, funny and goofy atmosphere during the 15 seconds of advertising goodness. Lets’ break it down! Members of the Malarkey: Brankica U. – The Queen of Social Media Tips, […]

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Reverse Engineering a State Farm Commercial

Before a 30 seconds long spot is released into the wild, a group of very smart people gets together and try to figure out the best way to get us to open our wallet. Have you ever wondered what buying triggers they are trying to activate while you’re casually sipping on a beer during a […]

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