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Twitter, G+, Facebook Wall, Who Is the Noisiest of Them All?

Who makes my online streams clogged up with nonsense? Who makes me want to run away and go live in a cave for a while? Who is causing the information overload we’re all suffering from? Mashable and Scoop.it. They are the root cause of all information overload. Now, let me explain. Noise Personified Mashable and Scoop.it are […]

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We Don’t Need Aggregators. We Need Distributators.

Last week I went on a rampage against Pete Gimme Morecash, ahhh, I mean Cashmore; of Mashable fame. He gave a speech to a group of -what had to be- thawed Encino Men about the “future” of technology. The highlight? Aggregator platforms which deliver content from on high to huddled masses which ought to be […]

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The Shallow Outlook on the Future by Mashable’s @petecashmore

It’s probably just me. I probably expect too much when I see someone as highly regarded as Mr. Pete Cashmore -of Mashable fame- to enlighten us with his insight into the future of technology. Do you mean to tell me that things will get thinner in 2012? And I will be able to “touch” my […]

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