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Top 3 Tribe Building Strategies for Bloggers

I’ve written about basic tribe building strategies already. The niche, the low-mid-high strategy and timeline strategy. After using Triberr for a while and with ample input from everyone in Triberr community, I’ve devised three additional strategies. Here we go. The Posting Frequency Strategy It might be perceived as unfair if one tribe member posts 3-4 […]

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Why I Stopped Commenting On Your Blog

I’m known around these here parts as a commenting fiend. And yet -in the last few weeks or so- I’ve pretty much dropped off the face off the earth. Why? Everyone knows –or at least, everyone ought to know- that commenting is a great way of building relationships with other bloggers AND driving traffic to […]

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Interview With a Small Biz Marketing Expert Kazia Mullin

The very first and therefore very special podcast with a small biz marketing expert Kazia Mullin. We focus on things your business can use to advance its marketing efforts right now. Listen while you browse [audio:http://diyblogger.net/wp-content/uploads/2010/12/diyblogger-Interview-with-a-small-biz-marketing-expert-Kazia-Mullin.mp3|titles=Interview with a small biz marketing expert Kazia Mullin] or download .mp3 to your portable player by right-clicking and saving […]

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