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The Occupied Wall Street Journal, Marketing Message and Boobs

A couple weeks ago I had the distinct “pleasure” of roaming around the private park where the “Occupy Wall Street” protest is taking place. To be honest, I’ve pretty much given up on watching the news at this point, so I didn’t hear a thing about it until I went to an open mic night […]

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How To Land A Guest Post On Any Blog GUARANTEED!

How to get your name on the blog of your choice is a topic much discussed already. But instead of speaking in abstracts, my focus in this post will be speckled with my own personal examples and past guest-posting histories. It’s much easier than you think to get on any blog if you follow these […]

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The Next Big Thing in Blogging is YOU!

For a couple of months now, I’ve featured many up and coming (and some well established) bloggers here on DIYB. And there are two reasons for that. First, I’ve been crazy busy with Triberr. While Triberr has given me an amazing reach (over half a million Twitter followers via my tribes), it has left me […]

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