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Half of Forbes’ Top Influencers Have This Common

Who knows how to leverage Social Media to promote a business? If it’s anyone, it’s Forbes’ Top 50 Social Media Power Influencers. So what do all these influencers have in common? What is their secret weapon? What is the one thing they’re using that gives them the edge? It’s not Facebook, everyone’s on Facebook. And it’s not […]

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How Can Hudson Valley Stand Out in Social Media?

After I did a Hangout On Air in anticipation of Mid-Hudson Valley Digital Marketers Meet-Up, Paul Rakov asked “how could a business in the Hudson Valley stand out using social media?” See Paul’s comment below. I mean, sure. I could have given Paul a half-assed answer in Youtube comments, but I figured a blog post would […]

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Unlikely Members of Triberr – @HuffingtonPost and @Forbes

The first shot’s been fired. The have-nots of the Blogosphere have a hero, and its name is Triberr. Make no mistake, this is a revolt. And you’ve been lied to. You’ve been told that the Internet has democratized our voice. That everyone has equal say, and that everyone can reach a wide audience. THIS IS A […]

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