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3 Fears That Move People Into Action and Product Out the Door

As a child your parents may have tried to frighten you into behaving a certain way for your own good. It might have looked like this: If you don’t brush your teeth, they will rot and fall out Never talk to strangers, they can be bad people who do bad things Watch this video and […]

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Hey CEOs!!! Get Your Head Out of Your Ass

I spend a good amount of my speaking time with Vistage groups across the country. One of the things they recognize in their members is they do not, in fact, know everything. So they bring speakers in every month on different topics: Leadership, communication, financials, HR, unions, law, etc. My topic is doing business on the web […]

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Fear in Marketing Week Kick Off Video

I am stoked to announce that this whole week will be a Fear Week on DIY Blogger NET. I’ve asked some of the most prolific and authoritative bloggers to weigh in and offer their take on how fear is used to motivate people into action. Why? Because I want it to stop. Being motivated by […]

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