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10 Secret Fears of Bloggers

Blogging fears. We all have them. And we don’t always want to talk about them. But when we sit down to write, they rear their ugly heads, those nasty trolls with the beady eyes and crazy orange hair: “What makes you think you can write?” “Why would anyone be interested in what you have to […]

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5 Things You Should Do To Lose Your Blogging Virginity Like a Slut

In the age of choc-o-block mediocre blog(s) that no one reads, and the emergence of A list bloggers with book deals, it can be a difficult decision to decide to launch a new blog into an over-saturated market. And harder still if you’re a total tech newbie? A Twitter ignoramus, and wouldn’t know CSS or […]

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Fear. It’s What’s For Dinner

Really? If we don’t vote for Johnson we will die? Little dramatic, don’t you think? But Dino, I hear you’re saying. Something blatantly fear mongering like this wouldn’t fly today, would it? Watch this. Political ads, safety ads, sure…they’ll use fear. But not to buy products? Oh yeah? Watch this. Fear is a powerful motivator […]

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