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Google+ Will Put Facebook and LinkedIn Out of Business and Here is How

Everyone’s been talking about Google+. The service is only few weeks old and I’m already tired of it. Now I know how some people must feel about Triberr. Lot’s has been said about Google+ already, but one thing that I haven’t seen mentioned anywhere is Google’s embodiment of their “Don’t’ be Evil” philosophy with Google+ […]

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Sign a Petition for Facebook Circumcision

Help me change Facebook. Facebook is making their fan-pages look and feel more like personal pages. Plus every now and again I will get someone friend me on Facebook out of the left field. I’m fine with it. I’m a social cat. I have no problem approving a request that’s from a real person. It’s […]

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6 Pixels of Separation Takes a Piss in Facebook’s World Domination

Is Facebook going to take over the world? They think they will, but something I found in Mitch Joel’s 2009 book 6 Pixels of Separation (Amazon Affiliate Link) will put a monkey wrench in Facebook’s plans for world domination. This small, throwaway piece of inside info Mitch managed to squeeze out of a Google CTO […]

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5 Ways to Spark a Conversation on Facebook

My friend and a fellow dog-blogger Jana Rade recently started a Facebook group covering an issue that is very near and dear to her heart. In fact, it’s near and dear to all of us who own dogs. Dog Health Issues. Listen while you browse [audio:http://diyblogger.net/wp-content/uploads/2011/01/5-Ways-to-Spark-a-Conversation-on-Facebook.mp3|titles=5 Ways to Spark a Conversation on Facebook] Or download […]

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