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How I Get Social Shares And Links From Influencers Just By Asking

The world is changing, and if you don’t change with it, you’ll get left behind. That’s not always a bad thing – unless you’re an SEO, marketer or involved in business in any way. Throughout my childhood, my mum used constantly repeat certain phrases – words of wisdom, words to live by. The majority of […]

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How Can Hudson Valley Stand Out in Social Media?

After I did a Hangout On Air in anticipation of Mid-Hudson Valley Digital Marketers Meet-Up, Paul Rakov asked “how could a business in the Hudson Valley stand out using social media?” See Paul’s comment below. I mean, sure. I could have given Paul a half-assed answer in Youtube comments, but I figured a blog post would […]

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Caught on Tape: Human Engine Optimization at #TribeUpNYC

This was my talk at the TribeUpNYC last weekend. It really felt like home turf. The atmosphere was loose, everyone was super awesome and really having fun enjoying each other’s company. My sessions is about Human Engine Optimization, or to put it in less geeky terms, the human side of SEO. It also covers how regular […]

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