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5 Sites That Will Make You More Interesting Than Cat Photos

Let’s face it. If your friends and followers knew just how funny, insightful, and smart you really are, they would be commenting, retweeting, sharing, and engaging with you non-stop. So how do you show them your true genius? These five sites will help you find content that will delight your Twitter followers, titillate your Facebook friends, […]

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Mainstreamers Have Digg, Anonymous Have Reddit. And What Do We Have?

I love both Digg, and Reddit. But neither is suitable for my content. Lemme explain. Digg is for Mainstreamers If you visit Digg homepage, you will see trending posts from some of the most popular blogs ever. Fast Company, NY Times, Gizmodo, Gawker…etc. As the list goes on, the pattern emerges. And the pattern states that […]

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