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Half of Forbes’ Top Influencers Have This Common

Who knows how to leverage Social Media to promote a business? If it’s anyone, it’s Forbes’ Top 50 Social Media Power Influencers. So what do all these influencers have in common? What is their secret weapon? What is the one thing they’re using that gives them the edge? It’s not Facebook, everyone’s on Facebook. And it’s not […]

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10 Secret Fears of Bloggers

Blogging fears. We all have them. And we don’t always want to talk about them. But when we sit down to write, they rear their ugly heads, those nasty trolls with the beady eyes and crazy orange hair: “What makes you think you can write?” “Why would anyone be interested in what you have to […]

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Chris Brogan’s Blog Topics Suck! You’re Welcome, Chris.

Few weeks ago, I had the pleasure of guesting on Kitchen Table Talks, hosted by Joe Sorge and Chris Brogan. One of the questions raised by Joe was regarding the criticism I’ve received over Triberr. Chris also chimed in regarding the criticism he received for selling blog topics. Chris mentioned that whenever he gets a […]

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