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Your Brain on Facebook

This is a rant. I think this is a rant. Yup…this is definitely a rant. I wasn’t going to publish a post today, but I woke up with Epiphany and her sister, Inspiration. I woke up understanding why companies like Facebook. Mr. Content You may call me naive, or you may think you know the answer already, […]

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How Some Bloggers Are Stepping Up Their Game

That’s not really fair. It’s not just bloggers who are stepping up their game. The readers of blogs are stepping up their game as well. Few weeks ago, Triberr deployed a brand new way for Bloggers and readers to engage with each other. Atomic Tribes. Bloggers can invite super-fans to join their Tribe on Triberr, […]

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Why I Disabled Email and RSS Subscription On My Blog and Why You Should Too

Go ahead. Click on Email or RSS subscribe links on DIYBlogger.NET and you will notice that I am no longer using Email or RSS services. FREEDOM!!! For far too long, Bloggers have accepted what’s been given to them. And Email/RSS are no friends of Bloggers. Let’s examine the facts. Rejecting Your Biggest Fans Who is […]

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