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Why any business can afford a business blog

There are three main reasons why businesses do not have a blog. I am sure there are few more but the top reasons will always include money, time and a financial return on the effort. There is the belief that a blog added to an existing site will cost more. It takes too much time […]

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The Facebook egg basket and why you really should avoid it

I do apologize if it seems I am having a bad time with Facebook. Just that I see businesses investing time and money on it without realising there are better alternatives. The problem is that everyone says Facebook is good for business because that is what everyone says. They believe it and keep at it […]

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Best Time to Apply Search Engine Optimization (SEO) to Your Website?

Now! I know that may sound facetious, but really, if you have a website that you have determined has not been optimized; you should try to get it done as soon as possible. SEO will help your web pages perform better in search engines. You will rank higher and get more clicks through Organic (free) […]

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