Secret to Blogging Success is Platform, Just Ask @UnBounce CEO Rick Perreault – Video Interview

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In this video interview, I sit down with Rick Perreault, the CEO of UnBounce to discuss the life of a startup, blogging, platform development, and removing obstacle so your people can do their job.

UnBounce is a great example of a content-driven business. They have an amazing blog where Oli Gardner (and frequent guest authors), dissect what’s good, bad, or indifferent, about some of the Internet’s most notorious Landing Pages.

The blog is driving UnBounce’s real business which is selling Landing Pages. And this is something bloggers at large must internalize.

Blog + Platform

Making a living just by writing alone is a hard thing to do. You need a platform/product as well.

For UnBounce, the product is Landing Pages. For DIYBloggerNET, the product is Triberr. For others, your product could be a book, a unique service, or any number of other things.

Blog drives traffic. Traffic drives recognition. Recognition breeds trust. Trust makes people like you. Like makes people buy from you. So what will you sell them?

I know many bloggers make a living via affiliate links. In effect selling someone else’s product or platform. And that’s certainly one way to go, but if you’re gonna get people all the way to the point where they pull out their wallet, you might as well sell them something you made.

Enjoy the interview.

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