6 SEO Tips for the Little Guy [Infographic] by @neomammalian


As someone who kinda hates SEO -tho I’ve had great success SEOing for clients-, for some reason SEO guys flock to me. And I’ve had a privilege to work with some of the greats.

The Director of SEO Innovations at one of the biggest NY SEO firms, Mr. Dan Cristo, who also happens to be the awesome force behind Triberr, has graced me with his insights during one of our many conversations.

Some of those convos have been recorded for posterity:

Another great friend of mine, Jason Yormark, who is a monster level SEO genius, has written a guest post here on DIYB. The basic principles he laid out in that post over a year ago, still stand strong today:

I think Dan was jealous that I found a new SEO Ninja to hang out with, so Dan was quick to refute Jason’s points in a controversial follow-up post:

New SEO Ninja in my Life

Few months ago, I’ve met a new friend via these here Intertubes we all love so much.

His name is Danny Ashton and he also happens to be an amazingly effective SEO ninja from UK.

Will Jason and Dan now join forces to refute Danny’s birthright as my own personal SEO ninja? That remains to be seen.

May the game of thrones begin.

Meanwhile, Danny and his crackerjack team of experts are working with some Goliath-sized clients. Needless to say, he has a fair amount of insight in how a small outfits can not only meet, but exceed, big client’s expectations.

So, Danny and the guys over at Neo Mammalian Studios made me a neat little infographic about 6 essential SEO tips for the little guy.


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