Pin Point(s) to Ponder – 12 Tips To Enhance Your Pinning Efforts

Pinterest is a visual platform. Beautiful pictures float by in your feed and it’s addicting! But what if you are not a visual learner?

I know what that’s like. I am not  a visual person myself. I am more of an auditory learner. Even if Pinterest does not suck me in for hours and I can easily resist the urge to pin and re-pin over and over, I do I know the importance of Pinterest to businesses and thus as a social media consultant, I’ve learned a lot about that platform.

In fact, I write about Pinterest for the Social Solutions Collective twice/month. I also give Pinterest tips, I call them Pin Point(s), to my fans on my Facebook page. Here is a section of the latest Pin Point(s) curated from the More In Media Facebook page.

1) Pin Point(s): Have you updated and opened your Pinterest app on your phone or tablet lately? There’s a cool new function: you can now mention your friends on the mobile version by typing in the ‘@’ sign! Go check it out.

2) Pin Point(s): Pin with caution – check the source link first. I suggest you click on each image before you re-pin to see where it came from (website) and if there’s an article attached. Often the links are broken, go nowhere or the image is taken from Google. This is your brand reputation you are managing.

3) Pin Point(s): Thinking about running a Pinterest contest? Yes, there are rules and guidelines! Check out this article I wrote called ‘Pinterest Contest Rules and Guidelines’ for the Social Solutions Collective.

4) Pin Point(s): Pin descriptions are very important for any pin you upload to your boards. The description should accurately explain what the pin is all about. This will help your pin to be found in searches and will help avoid disappointment. (Often when clicking through, I find a website or material that’s unrelated to the pin and the description!)

5) Pin Point(s): Use the ‘search’ function to find new pins, new boards and interesting pinners in your industry. With the new updated look, Pinterest makes it even easier to search and connect. When creating new boards and adding pins…keep that in mind! If you want your pins and boards to be found, use the appropriate keywords!

6) Pin Point(s): Now that Pinterest allows you to make a business account OR convert your current account to a business account, I strongly encourage you to do that if you are a business owner. Don’t forget to verify your account. Branding is important and Pinterest is a big part of your visual branding!

7) Pin Point(s): Pinterest analytics are available for business acounts. If you have
√ the new Pinterest look
√ a verified website
you are ready to go!

8) Pin Point(s): B2B networking on Pinterest works a few different ways. (1) You pin content from your own website, YouTube and Slideshare and other businesses will follow (traffic!) the link(s) back to your sites where you build a relationship. (2) Sharing your peers’ content, i.e re-pinning on Pinterest, will build your audience, their trust in you and and online B2B relationships.

9) Pin Point(s): Space out your pins, time wise. Re-pinning too many pins at once is frowned upon and overloads your followers stream. One way to delay re-pinning pins as you find them, is to ‘like’ those pins. Once you’ve ‘liked’ a pin, they show up in your account as ‘liked’ and they now are easy to find and re-pin at your convenience.

10) Pin Point(s): Saturdays, and Sundays too, are great days to be on Pinterest! Go check out some new pins and don’t forget to pin a few yourself! Lots of traffic; take advantage!

11) Pin Point(s): Looking for more interesting and relevant pins to re-pin in your industry? Type your keyword(s) in the search bar and define your search by choosing ‘boards’ as an option. You will get a slew of pins per board to choose from (and no need to follow all boards in one account). 

12) Pin Point(s): Have you installed the Pin It button on your tool bar yet? It is so easy to use and it will allow you to pin to your boards (and even create a new board) from any website you are on.

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