own a piece of the next big social network for yourself…

What is Twitter’s purpose? What is Facebook’s purpose? What is life’s purpose?

I don’t mean to get heavy on your ass, but the answer to all 3 questions seams to be the same. To connect with other people. BAAM! Simple, right?

The only benefit of Twitter is that we can make very weak connections with other people, which we can then deepen by getting to know them on Skype, Facebook, our blogs, and ultimately, in real life.

It’s obvious to all of us that we’re outsourcing all aspects of our lives to the tiny little screen we keep in our pocket. When we arrive to work, we use a bigger screen. After work, we go home only to use yet another screen.

Dont worry. I’m not going the way of Ted Kaczynski. I like technology. I embrace it. I make it. I use it. And I’m very cognizant of what’s missing.

What is Needed?

The next big social network is real life.

Not just any kind of real life meetups. But the kind where you meet people with the same set of values, visions, and goals. For you see…

  • We’re stuck with whatever family we have
  • We’re (mostly) stuck with whatever coworkers we have
  • When we’re 10, we’re stuck with friends who live down the street from us

In adulthood, we can pick and choose who we spend time with. If only we could find like-minded people. Well, now you can.

Thanks to Twitters, Facebooks, blogs, skype, and any number of other technologies that enable people to make weak connections, we can take those weak connections and deepen them by meeting in real life.


That’s the idea behind TribeUps.

We just wrapped up TribeUpNYC, which was AMAZING. We’ll have the official videos, pictures, and everything else available soon.

The idea however, is lot grander than one TribeUp. We will have 6-8 of these throughout US and Canada in 2013. All focused on the most innovative tools and techniques for bloggers and social media types.

But the vision is even grander than that. 🙂

Open Source TribeUps

We also want to Open Source TribeUps.

We want to codify the process of organizing such events, and make the process available to anyone who want’s to use it.

From promotions, to getting sponsors, to hiring caterers, to selling tickets, and all points in between.

And while we’re putting these TribeUps together for bloggers and social media types, it certainly doesn’t have to be limited to those industries.

So, it seams that you might be able to own a piece of the next big social network for yourself. And the old standby excuse “I’m not a coder” no longer applies 🙂

How much will this cost? I know that’s what you’re thinking….well, it doesn’t cost anything. We want to make this a community effort through and through.

Triberr will get the ball rolling, but everyone is free to participate and contribute Fight Club style. Everyone determines their own level of involvement.

  • Where would you like the next TribeUp to happen?
  • How would you like to get involved?

Dino Dogan

Global Force for Badassery | Founder of Triberr | Refugee from Bosnia | Writer for Technorati | Speaker | Lousy Martial Artist | Pretty good singer/songwriter | Hi 🙂

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  • http://twitter.com/AmazonCares Amazon CARES

    PS: Added your logo on our blog page (www.amazoncaresblog.com) (bottom right under Supporters). I appreciate your hard work.

  • http://www.brucesallan.com Bruce Sallan

    Without a DOUBT, Los Angeles should be next! I’ll help, I’ll offer a bed or two to YOU Dino and maybe even Dan…I’ll host a pre or post party and we’ll get all of Southern California to show up, along with a few of our (crazy) Bay Area friends!

  • Adam

    Enjoyed hearing about this idea last week. Very cool! I’m sure Bill and I will be happy to crash — I mean, help — in Orlando. 🙂