Original Music Intro for Your Podcast Inspired by Beyonce

Original Music Intro for Your Podcast Inspired by Beyonce

Got a podcast? Need an intro? Here ya go 🙂

I acquired Jam Packs for GarageBand (GB) and went little buck wild on it last night.

Last time I did an interview and had to create a music intro for it, I found the native GB loops little limiting, so Jam Pack to the rescue.

I spent few hours dicking around with Jam Pack+GB and made a Beyonce-inspired, human beatbox, 40 seconds long piece that can work as an Intro/Outro for a podcast. I plan on using it myself..maybe…eventually. In the meantime, you’re welcomed to it.

What you have to do?

  • Give me credit?
  • Use it as-is?
  • Ask for permission?

No. No. No. And an extra no for clarity.

I don’t care if you give me credit for it, and you certainly don’t need my permission to use it. Tho if you decide to use it I would like it if you told me about it so I can check out your podcast.

A Note on Usability

I’ve enabled Download for this file on SoundCloud, so you should be able to download it without problems.

40 seconds is waaaay too long to expect someone to sit through a dumb intro, so when you mix it down, make sure you start introducing content, the host, the guest, etc., before the 40 seconds are up. See example here.

I’ll probably make more of these, so if you need one, lemme know. And if you have some ideas as to the feel or the vain in which you’d like me to make the next intro, lemme know in the comments and I’ll do my best to oblige.

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