New Jersey Governor Chris Christie Declares His Candidacy

If I was Chris Christie’s Campaign Manager, this is how I would make sure my candidate gets reelected.


Get ahead of the competition by starting the race for NJ Governorship early.

This step is a no brainer. Works for 100 yard dash, pharmaceutical patents, as well as anything else that matters. It will work for politics too.


Find an event that’s getting a lot of media coverage and figure out how to get my candidate into the mix. Republican Presidential nomination race for example.

This is an old tactic used by everyone, from P.T. Barnum across Edward Bernays to Al Sharpton. In Marketing circles we call it Piggybacking.


Find a stooge.

Whisper into somebody’s ear that my candidate is thinking of running for President in 2012. This somebody should be a known gossip who gets his sense of significance from divulging sensitive information in order to impress people.

In Politics, this kind of person is a stones throw away.


My candidate (in this case Chris Christie) doesn’t need to know any of this. His job is to deny everything and less he knows more convincing he will be.

If a popular celebutant had her agent announce to the press that she is NOT, I repeat NOT dating the new, young movie star, the very next day Vanity Fair, the National Enquirer and similar rags, would start to speculate about the hot, new love affair between the said celebutant and her new boe.


If possible, end the charade with a crescendo.

Who doesn’t like full release anyway?


Voters are bored and disinterested. Our politicians are uninspired and my candidate happens to be on the very top of that lack luster pile.

Voters don’t care about State Election. They can barely muster up enough attention to watch the Presidential one.


Fabricate a theatrical performance played out in real life that will penetrate the voter’s mind and leave a lasting impression. The effect of which will be that when a casual voter enters the booth to vote in the upcoming State Election, they will be thinking the following:

Hey…that Christie guy was asked to run for the President of the United States. He MUST be good, right? I guess I’ll vote for him.

What Gandhi Knew

Mahatma Gandhi once said, and I paraphrase:

If you think that there is a difference between religion and politics, then you don’t know anything about religion or politics.

It may not be as punchy, but I would also add entertainment into the mix.

Whatever you do, don’t read these posts:

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  • Chris Loyd

    Yikes! You really think this was all planned to give him a head start? So devious. 

    First! 🙂

    • Dino Dogan

      lol -> first. A classic 🙂

      I just think this may have been one giant scam to ensure Christie’s governership reelection. Classic Bernays move if you ask me.

  • Carolyn Nicander Mohr

    Brilliant, Dino. I never considered that perspective. Your Jersey roots are being used well in this article. Christie did tease us a bit as he toyed with the idea. I wish he had run, but it was not to be…yet.

    What do you think of Christie as governor, Dino?

    • Dino Dogan

      My grandma always said if you aint got nothing nice to say…. lol

  • St. John Marketing

    That’s a great link-bait title there, Dino!  I was sucked in!  Great article, by the way.  I’m not a huge Christie fan…and based upon your, “if you ain’t got nothing nice to say…” I would guess that you aren’t either.  I’d still like to hear what you think, though.  Lots of folks outside of New Jersey think he is bigger than triple bacon on a burger 🙂  I guess you could call that piggy-backing, too.

    • Dino Dogan

      Christie is a politician. Whats to like?

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