Neglected Twitter Feature Gets a Makeover from a Plucky Startup


First introduced in 2009 by Twitter’s own Nick Kallen, Twitter Lists have become the most loved Twitter feature for many of its loyal users. And yet, Lists have barely been updated since then.

Twitter Lists have been the red-headed stepchild of Twitter. Relegated to sitting in the corner, eating paint chips, and forced to watch its siblings get a makeover after makeover.

Over the years, other companies have stepped in to leverage Twitter Lists in a way that Twitter wasn’t interested in doing. Most notably, Listorious (now defunct) was a popular directory of Twitter Lists. It had a rabid user base, and a strong mindshare in all things social.

Alas, Listorious has gone the way of dodo bird earlier this year. But not to worry, another plucky Internet startup has grabbed the reigns and is giving people what they want. A better ways to manage lists. is all about lists.

You can make a list of people, places, links, media, even apps. Once the list is made, you can embed it (and allow others to do the same) in your blog. You can even allow others to manage your list with you. There is a voting feature, sharing, and bookmarking. In short, it’s collaboration at its finest.

And now, is rolling out a full integration with Twitter Lists.

Here’s how to supercharge your Lists

The first step is to have a Twitter list. It can be an existing list, or you can create a new one.Your Twitter Lists can be empty or populated.


The next step is to create a new List on Listly – a “Twitter List”. Next choose your Twitter list to map to.

Each Twitter list can only be mapped to a single Listly lists, so you won’t see a List that’s already been mapped to another list.


Once you have connected your list the members of your Twitter list will be imported to Listly.

You can also import the members of any other Twitter List by using the quick add option. Quick Add also lets you just type in a number of Twitter handles separated by spaces.

These will be imported into your list, intelligently excluding duplicates. Anything you add to your Listly list will be added to your Twitter Lists within 10 minutes.

You will receive a notification from Twitter when any batch processing is completed to tell you that your list is ready.


You can choose to turn list moderation on. That way the items added by others will be sent to your moderation queue.

When you move people from the queue to the list the will be added to Twitter. When you move people to the queue they will be deleted from Twitter.

You can share the whole list or an item on the list, which is great for focus.

It’s advisable to thank people for contributing. People can always see who added which people to Listly. The list can be filtered and sorted.


You can embed the list on your blog. There are multiple layouts to choose from.

Anyone can embed your list.

When you embed a Listly list it is in effect a people directory. That’s different that embedding a Twitter List, which only shows recent tweets.

The embedded list is responsive so can be placed in a post or a sidebar.


The content of the list is treated as a part of your post.

Your list will keep changing over time, which also means your blog post will keep changing too.

Items on the list are automatically coded with H2 tags, which helps search engines identify the most important information.

If you authorize Listly to connect via G+ and you add Listly as a site you contribute to on G+ you will see your authorship avatar in search results.


The final part of the process is to subscribe to your list. If it’s your list you don’t need to subscribe, but other people can.

Because your lists become more valuable to others as they know they can submit corrections and extensions to your list.

Twitter Lists alone only let you create OR consume. With Listly, people can contribute.

Once you own or subscribe to a list your can use your list to focus your time and attention on Twitter. Lists are usable from all the major Twitter client tools.

Go ahead and check out and make your Lists truly collaborative and social.

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  • mikelking

    Hey Dino! Fantastic coverage of lists! I could not survive on t w/o lists… Lists are absolutely essential to saving my sanity and improving my interaction.


  • therichbrooks

    This is cool, but it doesn’t (seem to) do the one thing that I LOVED from the now-defunct Formulists: create smart lists. For example, I could find people new local people by creating a list that pulled people who were interacting with people on my current list who had “Maine” in their location. Then I would see if I wanted to find them. Also a great way to check out new followers, or create lists of people who abandoned Twitter.

    • Dino Dogan

      Great thing about is that it’s a small, agile startup. If you want that feature, chances are others do as well. @NickKallet and the boys listen. All you gotta do is ask 🙂

      • Nick Kellet

        Totally. Always be listening and accumulating data. I had an awesome call yesterday about smart algorithms to suggest “What next”. All these conversations accumulate into action over time.

    • Nick Kellet

      Our focus has always been on hand curation. We bring scale via crowdsourcing and not via algorithms. We may add some smarts to provide content suggestions at some point, but our core focus will always be on human contribution and human validation.

      I think you can use Listly Twitter lists in conjunction with lists you output / create in other tools like social bro. You can import and merge/dudupe multiple Twitter Lists into a single Listly. So if you made or found a “Maine Tweeters” lists you could merge them easily.


      You can import from any valid Twitter lists in one action.

      The big thing I love about the Listly Twitter lists it the tagging who you know and don’t know. A simply, yet practical networking feature that works great for events.

      The idea is you embed on your blog. People discover you post and suggest people. I search for main Tweeters and found your list. I’m sure there are other resources, but current Twitter lists are not well indexed – and not by member.

      Give it a try. I’d love to hear about your experience. Think marathon not sprint and keep sharing your post. Tortoise not hare. The best lists are created over time by many people – that’s certainly our experience.

  • BobWP

    Great post Dino. And I actually use both. Lists in Tweetdeck to help me keep the people I want to listen to organized… which is perfect for that.

    But lately been trying to build out more lists using I just like to wrap my brain around something a bit unique, useful and isn’t out there. And typically it also resides on my blog and is perfect for resources. The one I did for Genesis framework related plugins is a good example of how it has work for me. (hope you don’t mind the link 😉

    Also, Nick is pretty cool guy 🙂

    • Dino Dogan

      mah..Nick’s all right. :-p

      • Nick Kellet

        Thanks:) You two are making me blush!

  • Anthony Miranda

    Oh man, I’m so behind the times. I didn’t even know that we could do that with twitter! Well, here is to moving from unconscious incompetence to conscious incompetence…One step closer!!

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  • Rocks

    Definitely this will help others more and more. Check 2014 US open details

  • Aurelie Chazal

    Sweet! I wanted to get started with Twitter lists, here’s one more reason to do so.
    List are a pretty awesome way to cut the noise on Twitter and actually get to see useful content. It’s strange they haven’t paid more attention to the feature knowing that maybe people seem to use it on a daily basis. looks like a great service, definitely going to check it out later and see how I can use it 🙂

  • Huz6

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