NBCNews Slams TurboTax and Gets Slammed Back

nbc news turbo tax contraversy

It took less than an hour for the dogs of karma to bite back.

NBCNews wrote an article about the TurboTax’s #EPICFAIL of automating tweets while some of their services were down.

The article was far from favorable, and yet, there it was, a giant ad inserted by the NBC’s automated ad system recommending TurboTax.

Sometimes karma works slowly, and sometimes it snaps right back and bites you right on the face. How does that humble pie taste, NBC?

Let me play you a song to make it feel better, curtesy of TurboTax.

Link to video.

Update: And a humble pie for me as well. Turns out, that wasn’t an ad, it was an image the author included to …I guess illustrate what TurboTax logo looks like. Not really sure…in either case, karma is working fast today. #EpicFail

And another update: I take it back. Turns out, Google is happy to automate the serving of the ads on that page. So NBC is in fact serving TurboTax ads next to this negative article. #LameSauce NBC. #LameSauce.

Screen shot 2013-04-15 at 3.30.24 PM

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    Just more proof of the ongoing fail of online ad display revelance and technologies.