My Friday Social Media Ritual

It’s Friday and we all know what that means. WEEKEND!!!!

Social Media ebbs and flows, like any other large organism.

  • Mondays and Tuesdays are hyperactive
  • Wednesdays, the mid-week fatigue sets in
  • But by Thursday, we’ve gotten our second wind and we engage the hyperdrive once more
  • And then Friday comes around and we’re unable to think about anything else but…

…the WEEKEND!!!!

Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn…they all get quieter on weekends. But folks who care to study these kinds of trends, tell us that while the overall activity decreases, overall engagement (as measured by clickthough rates) increases.

So every Friday, I make sure to re-schedule bunch of my favorite posts from bunch of my favorite tribe members to go out for the second (and sometimes 3rd) time around.

And here’s why:

  1. It keeps my Twitter stream busy over the weekend while I’m galavanting across town (do people still say “galavanting”?)
  2. It gives my fav bloggers some extra exposure
  3. And the audience members who have missed these amazing posts first time around get a re-run. And who doesn’t like a good re-run.

How To Re-Schedule?

Luckaly, with Triberr, this is a piece of cake.

I go into my Sent Stream, and I click on “Re-Send” button to re-schedule a post to go out. Triberr does the rest. Triberr cues up all posts to be send in a staggered fashion.


Just make sure that you DO NOT select posts that are too recent.

Twitter has a rule about posting the same tweet more than once within a 2 day timespan. So make sure you select posts that you’ve shared at least few days prior.

I scroll down as far back as Triberr will allow me, and start selecting posts from the bottom. Now that I think of it, maybe Triberr should list these posts in reverse-chronological order, right?

My Triberr “Send” setting is at its default. Which means that all posts will be spaced out and sent in 20 minute intervals. You can adjust this in your Content Settings to more than 20 minutes if you like, but it CAN NOT be adjusted to less than 20 minutes.

Ok, so with bunch of awesome posts selected to be scheduled out, my weekend looks pretty wide open. Who want’s to go dancing?

  • What is YOUR Friday Social Media ritual?

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