Lowering Transaction Cost for Bloggers

Transaction Cost is at the heart of everything.

Every disruptive technology starts with the marriage of disparate ideas, which then produce a technology that ultimately lowers the cost of individual transactions for its users.

Examples throughout history abound.

Scribe, by Hand

Many centuries ago, religious types would spend months, sometimes years, transcribing ancient texts. And then Johannes Gutenberg invented the Printing Press, and changed everything.

Gutenberg essentially combined three existing inventions (marriage of disparate ideas); a wine press, moveable type set, and conveyer belt.

All three already existed, but were never put together to produce a piece of technology that obliterated the Transaction Cost for producing books.

Skype, by Ear

I came to America in the mid 90s. I remember how expensive long distance phone calls were back then.

Long distance phone calls were so expensive, that you didn’t want to just chance calling someone. If they don’t pick up, you end up paying for at least a minute, and that’s few bucks, right there.

So, I would make arrangements with my friends in Bosnia, Sweden, and Croatia. “I’ll call you next Sunday at 3…mark your calendar”.

It would be a production, and we would even time the phone calls to end at the end of the minute since you get charged just for starting a new minute. Those who had to deal with this crap will know what that means.

And then, desktop computers became commonplace. Followed by the abundance of Internet access. Followed by Skype.

Computers, Internet, Skype. Perfect marriage of disparate and independent ideas that produced near-zero Transaction Cost for immigrants like myself, to make long distance phone calls at will.

China, by Boat

Did you know that USA imports steel from China?

I know, right? USA. The country which produced U.S. Steel, which gave birth to an entire steel-based industry, is importing steel from China.

But that’s NOT the craziest part.

The steel comes via giant, cross-oceanic ships, which return to China…..empty.

Somehow, the Chinese have figured out to lower to cost of not only producing, but also delivering steel to US, that it’s cheaper to make it, then ship it, from China to US, than it is to make it in US.

And then..those same boats go back empty, and it’s STILL cheaper to import from China.

Transaction Cost for Bloggers

Being a Blogger means that on any given day, you engage in certain actions:

  • Writing a new post
  • Coordinating a guest post
  • Commenting
  • Sharing other people’s content
  • Sharing your own content
  • Etc.

Since I’m a Blogger, and I hate doing things the hard way, when Dan Cristo and I started developing Triberr, we decided we would do exactly that.

Minimize the amount of work it takes for a Blogger to accomplish any given task.

So, how does Triberr do it?


In this social web, it is not only ineffective, but it’s kind of unseemly to self-promote.

So, Triberr allows Bloggers to group together and share each other’s content. You get a lot by sharing a little.

“Guest” Posts

I’ve already declared Guest Posting dead, so I wont get into that.

Triberr allows you to grab any post published by your tribemate and re-publish it on your own blog…WITH A SINGLE CLICK OF A BUTTON!!! 🙂

Not only do you get fresh content, but you don’t have to create username for the “guest blogger”, or write out the bio, add social links, etc.

Triberr does all of this for you.

ZERO Loss of Engagement 

With a post living on multiple blogs, normally each comment system exists on its own.

Triberr comment system is the ONLY comment system that mirrors all comments across all instances of the post.

We call this ZERO Loss of Engagement.

Approve Once

I knew we were onto something about 3 months into Triberr development when we had to take Triberr down for maintenance for a couple of days.

I was forced to share other Bloggers’ posts the “old” way…by going to their blog and clicking on share buttons. What a drag.

With Triberr, you click on Approve button once, and the post gets shared across multiple social networks. (Twitter and Facebook for now, we’re adding LinkedIn soon)

These are just few ways in which Triberr lowers the Transaction Cost for Bloggers.

And yes, it’s all free. But wait…

Atomic Tribes

We’ve just rolled out Atomic Tribes which allow you to set up a tribe where members only share your content.

It’s really designed for corporate blogs, and will cost accordingly ($80.00 per month), but we decided to roll it out at 50% off for our existing members.

Atomic Tribes are currently available in pre-beta at $40.00 monthly subscription, and if you’re paying for an Email Marketing solution, you may want to consider Atomic Tribes instead.

The window for pre-beta price tag closes tonight. We’ll open a beta window in a month or two at $60.00, before we roll out open enrollment for all at $80.00.

To learn more, read this:

Or just Go Atomic! <-Triberr members only.

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